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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Torg Eternity, Session 3

The Sunday afternoon gaming group continued play of their Torg Eternity RPG campaign, set in the Cyberpapacy, yesterday. You can read the blog entry on the previous session by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.


Jean André Bernard (SteveR) – Unstoppable Cop (Gendarme)
Celeste Dubois (Tammy) – Cyberwitch
Jacques Dumont (GM/NPC) – Realm Runner

April 3rd, 2017

Upon seeing the cybergoyle, the three Storm Knights and Cecile manage to overcome their fear of the creature, and are thus able to take action. The characters take cover behind some of the large pieces of debris and rubble, Cecile joining Celeste and Jacques while Jean hides separately from them. The cybergoyle taunts and threatens them to no avail. Jacques attempts to hit the creature with a rock but fails to hit the target, and while Jean is able to do so, the cybergoyle is unharmed. Jacques switches to his 9mm pistol, but misses the target several times before finally damaging it for minimal injuries. Infuriated, the cybergoyle attempts to get at the Storm Knights, but is unable to do so. Finally remembering that she has a hacked GodMeeter, Celeste fires the weapon at the creature, gouging out a chunk of it, killing the cybergoyle.

The characters search for a way out, and Jean engages Jacques in some conversation, although the latter is concerned with Cecile’s condition; she’s fine. Celeste returns, and says that she’s found a way out, through the hole that the cybergoyle came through, but it’s a treacherous climb down, with a steep slope of debris and rubble. Jean says they can use the fire hose from the hallway as a rope, and he detaches it from the wall, annoying Celeste, who tells him to reconnect it. Approaching their point of egress down, Jean sees several Church Police streetbeaters, and narrowly avoids being seriously hit by their Godmeeters [he takes 2 Shock after a fortunate Soak roll]. Celeste talks to the streetbeaters, but to no avail. She and Jacques take two of them down with their Godmeeter and 99m pistol, respectively, and Jean takes the third one down with a rock! The fourth Church streetbeater flees, and Jacques says they need to escape quickly, before they return. Three heralds (in the form of cherubs) appear on the scene, and Celeste makes short work of them with her GodMeeter. The Storm Knights and Cecile (an acrobatics and climbing champion before she married Jacques) descend using the fire hose as rope, and all of them make it safely down, except Celeste, who twists her ankle.

The Storm Knights decide what their next action should be, and they decide to head for the Orange train station to rescue Jean’s parents, Celeste’s sister, and Jacques and Cecile’s son from the clutches of the Church Police before they are shipped off to Avignon for “confession”. Since he is unarmed, Jacques gives Jean his riot stick. Jacques does not want Cecile to go with them, as there could be grave danger, but his wife tells them that she’s going with or without him to rescue her son, Dolland. Jacques gives the others a helpless shrug, as if to say, “What can you do?” The group set off.

The Storm Knights and Cecile arrive without any problems on the outskirts of the Orange train station, the winding streets and the ongoing storm making things relatively easy in terms of there being no opposition out on the nearby streets. The characters can see the station is seemingly deserted, but there appears to be a sleek locomotive unlike anything they’ve seen before, facing south towards Avignon. The train has three cars, what appears to be a troop car (with a [laser] turret above it), a second, seemingly empty car, and a third car that looks like it’s padlocked, and Jean hears what appears to be protesting voices coming from within. He suspects that’s where the prisoners are being kept. On a parallel track, a standard diesel engine locomotive is moving slowly alongside the cybertrain toward a track junction for some other type of assignment. There are several, four or five according to Jacques, Church Police patrolling the area, and there appears to be three cherubic Heralds also in the area.

The player characters decide on a plan of action. Jacques will attempt to talk to the engineer(s) of the diesel locomotive and convince them to hook it to the car with the prisoners, while Jean disconnects the prisoner car from the second car, and sabotage the tracks if possible to prevent the cybertrain from following them. Celeste will create a distraction to prevent the Church Police and the Heralds from interfering with the plans too much. While they go over the plans once more, Jacques observes the train station area for about five minutes, then tells the others that the patrol cycle of the Church Police is about 5 minutes, but that the movement of the heralds is too unpredictable to perceive a pattern in it. He also tells them that he thinks there are at least two people in the station proper, since he saw some shadowy movement there. At Jacques’s mark, the characters set their plan in motion.

Celeste tries to figure out a way to sneak down and avoid the surveillance of the Heralds, and an instinct tells her to attempt to use a spell of sorts. She manages to cast the Scrambler spell, and becomes immune to electronic means of surveillance. Confidently, she sneaks down to the troop car. She finds some track rails lying nearby, and uses the them to use them to lock the two sliding doors of the troop car, though she makes a bit of noise doing so. This alerts one of the Church Police in the area [she rolled a Mishap, thus resulting in a slight complication]. Before he can fire his GodMeeter at her, she dives for cover under the train car.

Meanwhile, Jacques and Jean, along with Cecile, sneak over to the moving diesel engine, and Jacques talks to the engineer, Fredric Mercier. He tells the engineer what is going on, and actually convinces him to help them enact their plan. [He rolls a 42 on the Persuasion check!] The engineer suggests that they take the prisoners on board the locomotive, but Jean says they don’t know how many there are, and this could be impractical. Fredric agrees, and he says that he’ll connect the locomotive to the “prisoner car”, but that they will have to disconnect that car from the second car. Jean tells the two of them that he’s on it. Jacques helps Cecile onto the locomotive ledge near the engineer’s area, and tells the others that he’ll keep watch. As he’s preparing to disconnect the latch between the two cars, Jean hears the sound of an approaching, heavy footed figure.

Celeste attempts to trick the Church Police guard to bend over and look under the train car, and she succeeds. He does so, and she attempts to strike him with the riot stick and does, but rather than doing damage, brings him down to the ground. She then shoots him with her GodMeeter, drilling a hole through his body and instantly killing him. She’s hit by several splashes of blood. She gets up and makes sure that the door to the troop car hasn’t been opened, and it hasn’t. She’s not sure whether her spell is still working but decides it’s not when one of the Heralds in bird form approaches her. She turns and runs back towards the others, zig-zagging her way along.

Meanwhile, Jacques confronts what appears to be a knight-like figure with cybernetic weapons. Jacques shoots the man with his pistol to no avail, and Jean lunges at him with the riot stick, also to no avail. The Cyberknight attacks Jean, but he is able to soak the damage though Jacques is able to dodge the attack on him. The two Storm Knights eventually take out the Cyberknight with a multi-pronged attack. As they recover their breath, the two hear the shot of a GodMeeter ring out, and worry about Celeste. Jacques says that he’ll check on her, and that Jean should finish what he was setting out to do. Jean finishes uncoupling the second car from the one with the prisoners in it, just as the engineer finishes maneuvering the diesel locomotive into position and coupling it to the prisoner car.

Jacques sees Celeste running towards him and Jean at breakneck speed, firing into the air as the Herald is finally destroyed. Once the Storm Knights catch their breath, Jean picks the lock on the padlock and slides the doors to the prisoner car open. There are some twenty (20) people inside the car, including Celeste’s sister, Francine, Jacques and Cecile’s son, Dolland, and Jean’s parents, Henri and Eloise. The reunion with their loved ones is short-lived, as Jacques tells the others that they have to get the train moving, before more Church Police show up...or worse. The others agree with him, and Jacques head back to the locomotive with Cecile.

Sunday afternoon's game session of the Torg Eternity campaign was a fun session for me to run, with lots of combat sequences, some good roleplaying, a bit of humour, and actually saw the two players work together (albeit with the assistance of the NPC). The session saw some really good rolls (but not high enough to generate some Glory) and some really bad rolls (two Mishaps that I remember), but some some nice roleplaying as well.

I'm looking forward to the next session of the game.
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