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Friday Night Game - John Carter of Mars Session Playtest

Gaming last night (Friday) was pretty good.

As mentioned, Kathy and Ellie couldn't make it out last night due to a trip to visit friends and family, but Angela, Mark, and the new player, Peter, decided they wanted to play something. And that something was John Carter of Mars. So I decided to run a small session of a scenario that I'm working on, to see how the adventure was shaping up.

Once the three players showed up at my place around 7:00 pm, I explained what I planned to do with them for the evening, and they were all pretty pleased at the idea. Since there are no pre-generated characters for the game available yet, other than what's in the Quickstarter, I gave them their options - and the players made their choices: Angela took Dejah Thoris to play, Mark took Kantos Kan for his character, and Peter decided to play John Carter himself. We quickly went over the basic game mechanics and rules, and the players liked the simplicity of them, and then we started play.

The scenario premise was simple: The player characters are returning from a diplomatic mission when as they're about to leave Zodangan territory, come upon a small town that's seemingly been devastated by an attack. The heroes learn that their leader, Tal Halan, has been taken by Green Martians. Heading to the ruins nearby, the characters find much more than they bargained for, and-- ah, but that would be telling! :)

We wrapped up the game session some 4 hours or so later, and the players told me that they'd had a great time adventuring in the world of Barsoom. Peter mentioned that he loved the game mechanics, so simple and easy to learn they were, and as a fan of the John Carter stories he found the game quite faithful to the basic concepts and that it caught the flavour of Barsoom very nicely.

The three players mentioned that they were looking forward to actually getting to play a campaign of John Carter of Mars, and couldn't wait. Neither can I! :)
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