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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Torg Eternity, Session 4

The Sunday afternoon gaming group continued play of their Torg Eternity RPG campaign, set in the Cyberpapacy, yesterday. You can read the blog entry on the previous session by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.


Jean André Bernard (SteveR) – Unstoppable Cop (Gendarme)
Celeste Dubois (Tammy) – Cyberwitch
Jacques Dumont (GM/NPC) – Realm Runner

April 3rd, 2017

The diesel locomotive departs the Orange train station, the Storm Knights and the prisoners (including their family members) in the prison car, while engineer Fredric Mercier steers them down the track as the train heads for the storm front that borders Paris. The Storm Knights congratulate themselves on their escape, and the saving of their family members, but Jacques Dumont tells them not to be so overconfident - they haven’t escaped quite yet. Jean Andre Bernard pokes his head out of the entrance to the train they used, and spots what appears to be a blue streak of light in the sky, seemingly moving towards them and the car. He is more alarmed to see the cybertrain following after them, several Church Police streetbeaters hanging from the outside of the locomotive and what he thinks might be the troop car. He pops back into the car, and alerts the others to the potential problems outside.

Jacques decides to remain near the prisoners and protect them, while Jean heads for the front of the train car, to make his way through and speak to the engineer. Celeste Dubois comforts her sister, Francine, somewhat, but then prepares to defend the train car. The characters hear the wind rushing around the speeding train, and then an awful crack of a whip that is mixed with lighting sparks, and the area near the car door to the ground is surrounded by a nimbus of blue, crackling energy. A second crack of energy is heard, and once more the train car entry point is filled with the blue, arcing energy. Jacques keeps an eye on the former prisoners, including his wife and son, and then tells the prisoners that he will protect them. Jean continues to make his way towards the front end of the train car. Celeste pokes her head out of the car, and spots what seems to be a glowing blue war angel closing on the car. She fires her Godmeeter at it, but this has no effect, and she thinks it is the range. She decides to wait for it to get closer.

She goes back into the car, just as the creature [called a Host] reaches the train car. There is a rending sound from the front of the car, and what appears to be blue laser or lightsaber light can be seen cutting its way into the roof of the car, the angel of war using its hands to tear into the car. Jacques fires up at the creature with his pistol, but it has no effect as it seems to bounce off the war angel’s crystal-like armour. Celeste decides to try and shoot it with the GodMeeter again, but changes her mind at the last moment. Instead, she casts a spell that is able to reduce the creature’s Dexterity (and all related skills) [she rolled really well, and spent a Hero Card, for a Good success]. The war angel continues its task, and tears open the roof using the hole it made, like a can opener with a can of sardines. As it attempts to strike down into the train car, Jean (nearing the front of the car) is almost struck, but dodges away just in time. Jacques moves back to guard the Ord prisoners, since his gun will have no effect on the war angel. Celeste takes a shot at the creature with her Godmeeter, but the shot strikes wide, hitting the train car roof near the creature.

And at that moment, the train passes into the [Reality] storm front. The reality switches from the Cyberpapacy to that of Core Earth, and unsupported by the Axioms, the war angel disconnects and must flee back into the storm to escape. Returning to the car entrance, Jean sees that the cybertrain has stopped in the storm (perhaps it has disconnected?), leaving the Church Police frantically pounding the air with their fists in frustration. As the diesel train continues on its way, a ghostly, musical voice [that of the Host war angel] is heard by them all:

“We know who you are. We do not forget. As the Church spreads, we shall find you. The storm knows your name.”

A couple of hours later, the diesel train pulls into Paris. A Paris which seems to still retain the reality of Core Earth. [It’s a hardpoint]. Word of the heroes’ actions spread, and the people treat the player characters as heroes for their actions this day.

Sunday afternoon's game session of the Torg Eternity campaign wrapped up the first adventure for the players, and I thought it went very well. The game session only lasted about 1-1/2 hours, since it was the final scene of the adventure. The players decided not to start a new adventure, since Tammy is going to be on-call for work for the next two weeks. We spent the last couple of hours of the gaming session playing some board games, specifically Ticket to Ride Legendary Asia, and that was fun (I won the second game after coming in a dismal third in the first game). Since I had to eat an early supper prior to going to the hospital for an MRI that night, SteveR and Tammy didn't stick around for too long. Tammy told me she'd had a lot of fun with the adventure, as there was a lot of action and "I got to shoot things" (her words). SteveR wasn't all that commital, but did say that he enjoyed himself, so I guess that's a good thing. :)

As mentioned, I won't be playing with the Sunday afternoon group for around two or three weeks, so I just have to be patient before I can continue the campaign with SteveR and Tammy in the Cyberpapacy. :)
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