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Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

Looking forward to gaming this evening with the Friday night group.

This evening, the Friday night players will be continuing on with the Torg Eternity campaign set in the Living Land that we started a couple of weeks ago. All the players will be here this evening, so I'm looking forward to the game tonight.

In the meantime, KathyB and Ellie have shown up early, and we're waiting on the order of pizza and salad (since I ran out of that, and forgot to buy it this afternoon) that we've ordered in for supper this evening. Looking forward to that as well, since it's always nice to share some food with good friends. And it's a nice treat once more for my goddaughter.

Have a good evening, folks. :)
Tags: food hut, friday gaming group, rpg chat, rpg hut, torg eternity rpg

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