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Wednesday Night Game Report - Torg Eternity, Sessions 1 and 2

The Wednesday night gaming group played yesterday, and started their campaign of the Torg Eternity roleplaying campaign that is set in Aysle. You can read about the group of player characters that the players created by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.


Cindy Hazelton (Donna) - Transformed (Aylish) Mechanic
James Wellington (DavidW) - History Teacher
Palle (“Pamela”) Sundstrom (Kendall) - Transformed (Aylish) Police Officer
Damaris Haynes (Crystal) - Artist (Painter)

April 3rd, 2017

The players create their characters for the Torg Eternity roleplaying game. The players begin with an introduction to the world of the Torg Eternity Roleplaying Game, learn some of the basic mechanics of the game, proceed through the introduction to the game world and the basic Glossary, and partake in several samples of combat that teach them the basic mechanics of the system. And how deadly the combat system is.

April 3rd, 2017

The place: Core Earth. The continent of Europe. The country of the England, the city of London and its immediate environs. The time: the early spring (April 3rd) of the year 2017 AD. The player characters are Cindy Hazeleton (Donna), James Wellington (DavidW), Palle (“Pamela”) Sundstrom (Kendall) and Damaris Haynes (Crystal). It is a mundane day of the week, but things are about to change in so many ways – and not for the better.

The adventure begins in the city of London and its environs, on a day like any other. The morning is cloudy and threatening to turn stormy. The crowds at Trafalgar Square are sparse so far today, but the National Gallery opens within the hour. The worsening communications blackout around the globe is worrying people, but the media blame things on server crashes, rerouted traffic, and an insidious new virus affecting all of Europe. Sensational news outlets are spreading stories of natural disaster striking India and North America. Cindy Hazelton, a mechanic with her own small shoppe, is taking the day off work to see the sights of London. The Liverpool girl hasn’t seen a lot of the city yet, but figured to do that today. She’s on the tour bus run by Scott Molloy currently in Trafalgar Square. She is quite enjoying herself, learning a bit about the large city that is her new home. The only problem she’s having is with the class of school children that’s on the tour as well; they’re a bit noisy and rowdy for her taste. Her annoyance increases slightly as one of the kids, Amelia Walsh, bumps into her, but the girl’s infectious smile and apology takes the sting off the encounter.

James Wellington, a history teacher of 12- and 13-year-olds, is getting more and more frantic with the class of school children although his assistant, Jan Taylor, is doing her best to see the children in line. That said, Scott Molly’s bus is somewhat crowded with them, and though Jan’s doing her best, well the rowdy kids are annoying several other people on board. James attempts to divert the school childrens’ attention with some history facts about Trafalgar Square, and partially succeeds. Amelia, the youngest in the class, hangs on his every word, much to the amusement of one of the other children, Rachel Harrison. Jan just shakes her head at James’s unanswered question, and the two get on with business. Jan does a head count as the thirty students start to exit the tour bus in preparation for the day’s historical tour.

Pamela Sundstrom, a London police officer, is starting another day of street patrol. She’s in Trafalgar Square, keeping an eye on the tourists and other folks who are enjoying the somewhat cloudy, storm promising day. The National Gallery doesn’t open for another hour, but there’s not a lot of people around this morning, and so she’s just savouring being in the Square and not being called on for heavy duty. She thinks about the small argument she had that morning with Lador, her husband, but focuses again on work, though she reminds herself to speak to him and apologies when she gets her break. She sees one of the tour buses that are frequent in Trafalgar Square and makes her way slowly towards it, just in case something happens. Her walkie-talkie squawks at her, and she answers the call.

Damaris Haynes, a painter who’s starting to make a name for herself, saunters along Trafalgar Square, and stops in front of Nelson’s Lions. She’s not really sure why she came to the Square today, other than for some artistic inspiration for a new piece that she’s working on, but finds herself enjoying the sights and sounds, though she’s been to the Square before today. She wanders over to one of the large fountains, and then sees the tour bus. She says “Hello” to one of the perpetual inhabitants of the Square, “Mad” Morissey, and moves towards the bus to see what kind of folks are there and all.

There is a massive sound of thunder and then a violent shaking that throws all the player characters and the other people in the area to the ground. Gathering themselves together, the characters see that a huge chasm has split open across the street, sending cars and parts of buildings tumbling down into the dark pit. The ringing in the characters’ heads starts to clear, giving way to the screaming of people around them. The fissure that’s opened has threatened Sean Molloy’s bus. The bus teeters on the edge of the abyss, the wheels spinning uselessly. Pamela and Cindy are first on the scene, other than James and Jan, and while James frees a couple of the school children from the bus, Pamela and Cindy help Jan to get the other kids and some of the passengers off the vehicle before it falls into the pit. Pamela shouts for the others to hurry, as the tour bus is about to go over the edge. Damaris arrives, grabbing the last of the children from Jan’s hands, and she shouts that she doesn’t see James anywhere.

Cindy hears shouting behind her, and sees two of her friends, Alex [Johnson] and Dara [White], accompanied by a “copper”, Thomas Harper. She rushes up to them, glad they are safe. Harper says he found them trapped near some stone ruins behind the National Gallery and managed to free them, but they’ve got other problems. Two short, greenish-tray humanoids carrying spears and small axes approach them, teeth bared. Cindy puts herself between them and Dara and Alex, and reaches instinctively for the wrench she carries in her pack. The ground shakes again, as more chasms open all over the Square. She tells Thomas to get her friends to safety, but he says he’s not leaving her. She shouts for Dara and Alex to head for Charing Cross Station, and then lunges forward and attacks the first goblin she sees with the wrench. Thomas goes after the other creature, but discovers that his firearm doesn’t work. Cindy fights with her wrench against the creature, and is able to defeat it relatively easily, though she takes some injuries [1 Wound and 2 Shock]. Thomas takes down the other goblin, and then she tells him to go after Alex and Dara and keep them safe. She heads back for the bus…and feels different. She feels a deep, tingling sensation and then thinks that she’s being ripped apart, and she collapses to the ground.

James is stuck between a couple of seats on the bus, trying to rescue an attractive lady who is trapped. He manages to grab a small bar that he uses to free the woman, and then frees himself with some difficulty. The two rush out of the bus into the waiting arms of a much relieved Jan. The woman, Frida, thanks him profusely for helping her, and plants a kiss on his face before running off into the crowd shouting “Lars! Lars!”. James frantically looks around to check on the children, and sees a very calm Amelia helping out the others, a fierce light shining in her eyes. He goes to check on her while Jan does a head count of the school children again, and is relieved that she’s got all of them.

Pamela manages to keep her calm, barely, and tries to radio for help. There is nothing but static from her unit. She helps the rest of the tour bus passengers onto the relative safety of the Square grounds. She tells James and Damaris that she’s got to go and help other people, but they tell her not to. They need her with them. Before she can respond, she spots what appears to be a man swinging a crowbar wildly around at the crowd, and races in that direction. She shouts that she’ll meet the others at Charing Cross Station. She’s hesitant about attacking the man, but she realizes she has no choice when he’s about to threaten a family with two children. Having a momentary flashback, she then charges at the man with her baton. The attack triggers her transformation, and Pamela (now thinking of herself as Palle, and talking with a strong Swedish accent) tells the frightened civilians that they’ll be all right now, and should head for Charing Cross Station. She offers to take them with her to the station, and they are grateful. Palle and family move in that direction.

Damaris experiences a moment of panic and fear [she overcomes it with a Willpower test and manages to run off into the centre of what’s left of the Square, as…something pursues her. It appears to be large, ugly humanoid wearing ragged clothes of some sort and carrying a small tree trunk as a weapon! The creature is pretty slow, however, and she manages to elude it. Searching frantically for something to use as a weapon, she comes upon a small shoppe that carries bows and arrows as part of its inventory. Emerging from the shoppe confidently, Damaris is able to take down the creature as it lunges towards a pair of obvious tourists, with a pair of strategically placed arrows [she rolled a natural 20 on the first shot of each attack, and had two great results even if she’s only still an Ord]. After examining the creature, Damaris realizes that it’s what her mythology and lore books call an ogre! Keeping the bow and quiver with arrows, she leads the tourists towards the Charing Cross Station, remembering that’s where the police officer said they should all go. She also notices that she feels different, healthier than she has in a long time, but isn’t sure what’s going on. There is a massive thunder crack, and above her the storm now shows signs that will reach its full potential soon…

Wednesday night's game of Torg Eternity that started off the Aylish campaign was a pretty good session. The game session was a bit combat heavy (for me, anyways), and between covering some of the rules in a bit more detail (based on the players' desires) and the combats themselves, the session felt slow at times and very fast at others. The players are only playing for three hours or so each third Wednesday of the month, so it will take some time to wrap up this adventure, to be sure. The players all told me when we were done around 10:20 pm that they had had a lot of fun, but that it would take a couple of sessions for them to get used to the way some elements of the game handle. They all enjoyed the card mechanics for the game, but said that it would take them a bit of time to get into the habit of cooperative card play. (Board games that use card play and most card games tend to be more conflict oriented.) Overall, a good night of gaming with the Wednesday gaming group.

I can't wait for their session of Torg Eternity in July! :)
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