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Hellas Characters, and Question

As mentioned in this post and this post, I've been reading up on the Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone rpg, and doing some character creation with the system to get a better handle on stuff. Some of this has to do with the fact that the personal injury status, coupled with the winter weather in these parts, has meant that I haven't really been able to get out all that much the last couple of weeks, and I've used the chance to do some work on the game system and see the lay of the land.

The players for the Friday night group created their characters, noted in passing in this journal entry, but I didn't really feel all that comfortable with the character creation system, even though I had read the Hellas book from cover to cover (and the book is coming apart at the seams, but that's another story entirely). And that was with creating a character myself ahead of time, to get a "feel" for character generation. So, after spending part of the week re-reading character generation and a couple of other sections of the Hellas book again, I have the spent the better part of the past five days creating six characters of various races and professions for the game system. Due to the nature of the game system, character generation takes a good hour to two hours, if one is doing a thorough job of it, so it has been a bit time consuming; this has been good for me, as it's distracted me from some of the bodily problems that I've had of late.

To this point, I've got the following characters done for Hellas:

Hellene Aoidos/playwright (actually a musician)
Hellene Hoplite, favoured of Artesia
Myrmidon Doctor
Goregon Scout
Amazoran Diplomat
Kyklopes Trader
Hellene Ex-Thief Slave
Nymphas Priestess of Aphrosia (not yet done)
Nephelai Spy (not yet done)
Hellene Courtesan (not yet done)

That doesn't include the characters that have been created by the players on Friday night last, and the character that spross created when he dropped by earlier in the week (although I don't have the game stats and stuff that he did for that character). There are three or so other characters that I want to create for the game, and will get around to those hopefully before next week (and those are noted above).

One of the things I plan to do is post up one or a couple of these characters to my blog here, much in the same fashion as I posted up the HEX character I did up, Yancy Clarke. So, my question to folks is...

Which of these characters would you like to see posted up? If any?
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