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Wednesday Night Game Report - Torg Eternity, Session 3

The Wednesday night gaming group played last night and continued their Torg Eternity RPG campaign that is set in Aysle. You can read about the previous session of the game by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.


Cindy Hazelton (Donna) - Transformed (Aylish) Mechanic
James Wellington (DavidW) - History Teacher
Palle Sundstrom (Kendall) - Transformed (Aylish) Police Officer
Damaris Haynes (Crystal) - Artist (Painter)

April 3rd, 2017

As the player characters and the various civilians move towards Charing Cross Station, several more tremors strike the area and a few more cracks appear. Only her quick reflexes and quick thinking allow Cindy to prevent a businesswoman from falling through one of the cracks. A massive bolt of lighting strikes somewhere in the area, blinding the various characters momentarily. Palle and Damaris both hear a faint whirring sound coming from somewhere off to their left, and looking in that direction see a large metal statue of a lion that looks like it’s made of clockwork - moving! It turns its deadly gaze towards them, and then bounds in the direction of the characters. Shouting at the others, Palle tells the civilians to keep running for the station, and she and the other player characters race towards the clockwork lion. Palle strikes it with her baton, but can’t damage it. In a truly heroic shot, James fires his Colt .45 at the creature and strikes it a massive blow [inflicting 3 Wounds and 6 Shock], killing it instantly as the creature explodes, pieces of metal, stone, and clockwork pieces flying everywhere [he used a Drama card and a Supporter card from Cindy, rolled a 63!! Cindy played the Glory card she had, and the tale of this heroic attack by James will spread for the next few weeks!] The rest of the player characters clap James on the shoulder and credit him for his terrific shot, but James shrugs it off and says they need to get back to the civilians.

Panic is reigning among the civilians as items transform to more low tech materials. Damaris’s mobile phone changes to a parchment scroll, but as Core Earth reality reasserts itself, the scroll changes back to a mobile phone. Unfortunately, it has no signal. The player characters are horrified as several people around them change to suit the new reality, including several business types who transform to 13th Century nobles. Briefcases give way to satchels, umbrellas give way to fans and walking sticks. Two fighter jets scream overhead, pursued by a huge shape with massive bat-like wings, its horrible roars echoing everywhere. The roars set off another wave of panic, and the civilians race towards Charing Cross Station. As the player characters get closer to the station itself, they see the throng pressing into the station halt as a thick cloud of dust erupts from the stairs leading down. Screams of panic ring out, and the Storm Knights see bestial creatures with mottled pale white skin, oversized heads and gnarled teeth swarm from the entrance, slashing at everyone they can reach. Taking front and point, the player characters rush at the creatures, and see they are wearing fetid leather armour and carrying spiked clubs and bows with wicked, barbed arrows. They can also see tall humanoids with pasty, white skin and sharp features, that wear ornate robes. Cindy and Damaris hear them ordering the savages to “Take that one below for the ritual,” and “That one will suit Lord Antenoch’s purpose!” and the like. Before they can react more to the two types of humanoids, the two sides reach each other.

The fight with the savage creatures [the Lurks] is brutal, but violent. Cindy attacks the three that charge her with her wrench, and drive them back (though not before she takes an injury [1 Wound, 2 Shock]. James uses his short sword, and manages to hit two of his three targets and takes them down, but suffers some minor damage [2 Shock]. Palle uses her fighting skill and a sword to take down all three of her opponents [using a Flurry card, a Possibility, and an Adrenaline card] in one solid flurry :) of blows. She looks around her, and sees Damaris in trouble. Damaris uses her cane, now a spear, and manages to take out one of the three savages, and cries out that “we can take them, so get on with it!” [she plays the Inspire card]. She manages to avoid one of the attacks made against her [by playing the Opponent Fails card], but is struck for a nasty wound by the third attacker [and takes 2 Wounds and 4 Shock]. [She uses a Possibility, and Soaks some of the damage.] Cindy moves in on her two remaining opponents, and takes both of them down wth a couple of vicious strikes, though she suffers some minor damage to her left cheek [2 Shock]. James takes the opportunity [and a Flurry card] to strike the remaining creature down, and then turns to see if any of the others require help. Palle comes to Damaris’s aid, and strikes down one of the two opponents facing the woman. The remaining creature stabs at Palle, but misses her, and then turns and flees. Damaris grabs up her spear, and throws it at the creature’s back, striking it through it’s body and killing it instantly [Crystal was furious at what happened, and spent a Drama card and and got a total of 52 (!!) on the dice roll].

Before the Storm Knights can recover, James tells the others that the creatures are rounding up people, and then riding herd on them and go back underground. James and Cindy hear a terrified scream that they recognize, and searching around see that one of the pale skinned savages is carrying an unconscious Amelia Walsh into the underground, while one of the ornately robed humanoids follows them into the Underground station. Enraged,the two Storm Knights head for the Underground station, and are almost hit when with a scream, a mauled F-35 fighter jet and a huge red dragon crash to the ground! [Only Cindy’s play of the Alertness card allowed the two Storm Knights to get out of the path of the two incoming objects.] The jet fighter remains crash into the Charing Cross entrance, sealing it in a terrible explosion. The obviously badly injured dragon turns its serpentine eyes on the Storm Knights, and demands to know “Who else dares stand against Belzadrakus, the Living Inferno?!”

While the various Storm Knights attempt to catch their breath, maneuvering around the dragon and trying to assess it, James taunts the dragon mercilessly, the creature reacting very poorly [he managed to roll a Taunt and Very Stymied it]. While Cindy is unable to hurt it with her wrench (LOL!), Palle runs her sword through the creature, inflicting a nasty pair of wounds and the creature goes down, not quite dead [as it makes the Defeat roll]. It slices at Cindy, but misses barely [as she plays an Opponent Fails card]. Using one of the spears she found littering the ground, Damaris strikes the killing blow against the dragon [that required both a Drama card and a Possibility spent]. The Storm Knights feel somewhat dazed after the two rapid fights in succession, and James comments, “We just fought an honest-to-god dragon and lived to tell about it! Whaa-hoo!!!”. Damaris is quite stunned at what she’s just done, but she quickly starts to blush as someone says, “Dragonslayers!”. Cindy says that their job isn’t done quite yet, they have to go and rescue Amelia and the other people taken into the Underground.

Wednesday night's session of the Torg Eternity Aylish campaign went marvellously well, and everyone at the table had a great time. The Storm Knights took on three different foes in a row, with virtually no break between, and did an outstanding job of it - even getting a Glory result on one of the creatures! The benefits of achieving the Glory were a truly pleasant surprise for the players, and one they really appreciated. The session was one with a lot of combat, and the players never really got a breather between the fights, but Donna, DavidW and Kendall told me they loved every minute of it! Crystal was a bit more circumspect afterwards, but she got into a fighting frenzy during play, the other players being somewhat taken aback by in the violence. LOL!

In any event, a good night of gaming for all. I'm rather looking forward to running the August session of Torg Eternity on the Wednesday night players, Goddess bless 'em every one! :)
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