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Sunday Board Gaming - Terraforming Mars

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, since Tammy was off working on-call for her job, there was no roleplaying game session. Instead, spross came over and we played a game of Terraforming Mars. I've only played a game or two of the game, and have never cracked open the game box that I had bought around a year or so (maybe? Can't remember when I bought it. Too much else on the go.).

Learning a new game is always somewhat tough, so SteveR and I went through the basic set-up of the game and then learned the mechanics through actual play and consulting the little book of rules. We each started with a Beginner Corporation and played from there, managing three Generations of the game before time was up for the afternoon. Here are some pics from the day's gaming:

Overall, had a lot of fun learning the game, though it was also frustrating at times. Lots of cards in play, and as you can see, even with a 2-player game there just wasn't enough room at the game table. On top of that, learned we got at least 2 of the rules wrong. One of them is pretty obvious from the table of play, so can you spot it? The other rule had to do with Actions during the Generations.

Still, a fun afternoon and can't wait to play the game again. :)
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