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Rain, Rain Go Away (Water Leak in the Ceiling) II

The rain has been coming down for days now here in the Ottawa valley, and today I have started paying the price once more.

Last year, I had the problem where water was leaking into the ceiling in the entryway of my house, but the condo corporation had supposedly fixed the problem from the outside, although they never got around to doing the repairs that needed to be made inside the house (specifically in the ceiling of my entryway). Now, the problem has returned.

There has been a lot of rainfall over the past few days, thunderstorms included, and the water decided to start dripping copiously into my condo unit's entry hallway. Here's a picture of the ceiling.

You can see some of the water stains and a few bubbles in the ceiling material, if you know where to look.

Was told this evening by the condo work manager that the water is actually coming down the interior of the outside wall from up above, near the windows to the upper condo unit, and that a work crew will be working on the exterior of the building tomorrow, Thursday, weather willing. (The forecast is for a warm, humid day but no rainfall expected.)

In the meantime, towels all over the floor in the hall entryway and a bucket (hopefully) placed strategically for the worst of it.
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