July 13th, 2006

Gamer Geek?

I had this morning off from work, and decided to check out something on roleplaying on-line. As most of the people around here who know me are aware, I'm a roleplaying gamer of long-term standing. I remembered seeing this poll/quiz out there some time ago, and after re-finding the page, decided to add it to the journal.

Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score
CategoryYour ScoreAverage
Will kill for XP
Sensitive Roleplaying54.43%
"But what's my motivation for this scene?"
GM Experience42.03%
Puts the players through the wringer
Systems Knowledge76.41%
Local rules guru
Livin' La Vida Dorka58.62%
Has interesting conversations in public
You are 57.7% pure
Average Score: 68.9%

As someone who has worked on the design and playtest side of several games, but notably WitchCraft and Dying Earth, I just about laughed my head off when I got to the questions on systems knowledge for the former. :) Didn't even list the latter in the quiz, sad to say.

I just gotta make up my mind about whether I feel like I'm a gamer geek or not. :)
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Creativity Back!

One of the things I should mention is that since I started this Livejournal record of my (daily) life, some of the creative energy that I've been missing this last few months appears to have returned.

I also write creatively, but haven't been able to put pen to paper (or virtual fingers-to-keyboard to computer screen) in a few months. Some sort of mental block or writing jam in my head, I guess. However, I've just spent about 30 minutes writing, and what a joy it has been once more! I'm working on a story about a jazz musician who encounters something fey one night at a jazz club, and to be honest, found myself lacking creativity for it so had put the story down for over a couple of months. Got energized and creative this morning, and this is a good thing. Part of it may be the fact that the Livejournal entries are allowing me to mentally engage in some free association of thoughts and ideas, but who knows?

Whatever, I'm happy, and enjoying the day. Got to go to work, now. Talk with ya later. :)