August 20th, 2006

Surviving Wonderland

I feel invigorated, today.

Yes, I know it's Sunday morning and it's only about 8:00 am or so. I decided to go to the gym this morning and get some exercise. The fact that it's not that warm out today is also a blessing. Worked out for a good 25 minutes; even with the limited mobility in my shoulder,treadmills and bicycles are great! Needed it after last night's dinner, which I will post about later, but for now, I thought that a good poll would do me good.

You scored as The Red Queen. You have control issues, you anger easily, your favorite color is red, and you've always wanted to roll someone's head. Can anyone say, "Anger Management?"


The Red Queen


The Cheshire Cat


The White Rabbit




The Catapillar


The Mad Hatter


Could you survive Wonderland?
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Well, at least I'm not Mad as a Hatter! :)

Off with their heads...oops, I mean off to eat some breakfast! :)
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Good Friends, Good Food

Did I mention that SteveB and his wife, Kathy, have been really good friends to me over the years? As mentioned in earlier journal entries, I've known them for years, and it seems as if we've followed each other from city to city at times. Yesterday was a perfect example of what I'm talking about... After watching some English football, I was whisked off to the Ottawa Folk Festival for some afternoon entertainment. I think SteveB and Kathy are trying to distract me from the absence of Stefanie, since they know how much I miss her right now, and the health problems that I've been having this past week or so. It was a good afternoon, however, and I saw some good musicians.

After making sure that Ellie, my goddaughter, was all tidied up and ready to go, the four of us went to the Keg Steakhouse. The Keg is *the* premier restaurant for steak in Ottawa, but they charge an arm and a leg for food. (The meal for three adults and one child came out to just over $190 Canadian.) We went to the one on Hunt Club, which opened only recently; I didn't even know about it until I was doing something down that way and discovered it next to the Days Inn as I drove past!

I hadn't been into The Keg in at least six, maybe eight, years, and found it to be much the same as it had been at the one down in the Market. Spacious restaurant, slightly elevated booths, serves about 300 people at a time, and no reservations per sé, but one can call and "book" a table for around a given time. Even when we got there last night, there was a wait of about 45 minutes, even with the booking of the table. There were quite a few people waiting to be seated, but most of them had gone inside and sat at the bar. Let's face it, folks - this is how restaurants make most of their money, on the booze, and The Keg is no exception. SteveB, Kathy, Ellie, and I sat in the very comfortable lounge area, not the bar, and chatted and entertained Ellie, and watched people going in and out. Unlike what I remember, The Keg is now family friendly and oriented, and there were a lot more older people coming and going. The baby boomers are taking over, methinks. The food was simply superb, and the service was quite good. I had a couple of nibbles on some of the hot, tasty crusty bread, and ordered a bowl of their divine French Onion soup. That was the only part of the meal where I splurged a bit off the diet that I'm on. I had some problems cutting the steak due to my shoulder problems, believe it or not, but otherwise... Simply divine food.

After dinner, we went back to my place so they could drop me off, and SteveB, Kathy, and Ellie came in for about 30 minutes or so, had some tea or coffee, and we sat back and relaxed while Ellie played with my stuffed lion. (Yes, I have a small collection of stuffed animals and the like, so there!)

Had a really pleasant day, and a good evening.