August 23rd, 2006

Geeks, Love, and Conventions

Summer and fall are the time for the three large conventions on the gaming circuit, GenCon, Origins, and of course this week is Dragon*Con, another one of the convention institutions at this time of year. This seems so relevant for some:

Good advice to live by, and perhaps for those geeks looking for life and love at conventions be they sf & fantasy or gaming conventions.

(Lady) Marmalade Memories

Just came in from work about twenty minutes ago, and I am somewhat annoyed but more disappointed and feeling a bit old.

Dropped in at the local CD shop here to pick up a couple of CDs, and while looking around, got to overhear a conversation between a couple of young girls doing the "Moulin Rouge" clothing thing. You know the type, and I'm not even gonna try to describe this because they were both pretty...young (understatement). They're talking about the music from the movie Moulin Rouge, and discussing the song "Lady Marmalade". You know the one, the one by Christina, L'il Kim, and whatever the third one's name is. The two girls are talking about how "original" the song is and the fact that it was specially made for the movie and all that stuff. Sheesh!

Why is it that the younger generations don't know or acknowledge the so-called new hits as being old songs re-recorded and all that stuff? I mean, geez... this song was first written and recorded by a brilliant female singer by the name of Nanette Workman in 1975, and appeared on her album... LADY MARMALADE (!!) that year! If you don't believe me, you can check out Nanette's website at

but will need to click on the English site link there, if you don't speak or read French. Nanette recorded a lot of really cool music back then, and continues to record to this day. Like all good artists who last, her music and sound have evolved as they should have.

*sigh* The fact that I know the original song, that I love the original song compared to the re-make, the fact that... *sigh* Just makes me so steamed that the young kids today don't seem to know the roots of some of the music that they listen to.

Reminds me how old I am.

On the other hand, who can forget that memorable line, "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi se soir?" done with her husky, smoky voice... Ah, to be young again...
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