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RPGaDay in August - August 1st: What Do You Love About RPGs?

Since GenCon 2018 is just around the corner (and I'm not going to the convention this year), it's time to inaugurate the annual tradition started by Dave Chapman (aka autocratik), #RPGaDay. Once again, Anthony Boyd and the RPGBrigade are stepping in to host this year.

Just like previous years, #RPGaDAY is a celebration of everything positive and fun about tabletop roleplaying. The premise is simple - just download the image with all the questions on it from the RPGBrigade site (or the image posted below). Look at the questions, and then, one question per day in August, post something on social media, your blog, anything you like. Just spread the word about how cool RPGing is. If you like, you can share your post on the #RPGaDAY page on the RPGBrigade site and they'll collate everyone's posts.

Enjoy! :)

Day 1 - What do you love about RPGs?

Hmm, an interesting question to start the month, as my age and the length of time that I've been gaming have an influence on that as well.

What I love about RPGs is the social nature of gaming. It's fun getting together with friends and engaging in the social-ness of the game. I love the fact that I get to exercise my creativity by creating adventures and the like for the players to play. I love seeing the players come up with (inventive) solutions to the situations or problems I've set for them.

And that's it for the August 1st question. :)
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