April 17th, 2007

CanGames HEX Stuff

Learned this weekend that Stef will be coming up to Ottawa for the long Victoria Day weekend, so plans have changed slightly for that time. It turns out that that weekend is when CanGames, the local yearly gaming and rpg convention here in Ottawa, is held, and that I'm going to be able to spend some time there. She says that I need to get my "gaming fix" (as she called it) at the convention, but that it won't interfere with our time together. What a cool gf/so she is! :)

This got me thinking that I should run something at CanGames this year, so I've decided to run a nice little Hollow Earth Expedition scenario that I've been working on, "The Secret of Qechacua Lake". Suffice it to say that I'm not going to share the plot here, other than to say, it has its basis in the B film "The Creature of the Black Lagoon" (or whatever it was called) with some twists and turns, and a bit of everything for the player characters. Needless to say, I hadn't planned to go to the convention this year, so I didn't take a membership for the convention. Went down to The Comic Book Shoppe, one of the places selling memberships, and picked up a couple (just in case Stef decides she wants to go and game there a bit), so I'm all set for the long weekend in May.

So if any of the folks reading this happen to be at CanGames this year, look for me at the convention, or better yet, come out and play Hollow Earth Expedition with me! If nothing else, I'd love to meet some of the folks from LiveJournal there! :)