June 21st, 2007

DC Comics Peeve

One of the things that peeves me off about the DC Comics company is the way that they treat their readers in terms of the constant relaunching and hence renumbering of their comics.

A case in point... I am a huge Legion of Super-Heroes fan, and while the Superman comic is around #663 or some such these days and Action Comics is in the #850 or so range, why is it that the Legion comics get no respect, and aren't in the 600's, too? Ah well, what can you do...?

First Poll: Legion Founders

On the subject of the Legion of Super-Heroes, one of the most important aspects of the Legion was the three founders, and the different personality traits, powers, and perspectives that they brought to the Legion. So...

Poll #1007510 Legion Founder Poll

Who is your favourite Legion of Super-Heroes founder?

Cosmic Boy/Rokk Krinn
Saturn Girl/Imra Ardeen
Lightning Lad/Garth Ranzz
I like all the Legion founders
I don't have a least favourite Legion founder
I don't know who the Legion of Super-Heroes is!