October 16th, 2007

Canadian vs. American TV Feeds

Last night was one of the worst nights I have had with television viewing, and epitomised everything that is wrong with Canadian television and Rogers Cable TV for me.

CTV was showing Dancing with the Stars as usual from 8:00 until 9:35 pm. Immediately after that, the American station with ABC was showing the premiere episode of Samantha Who, which I had decided that I wanted to check out. Since Dancing with the Stars was on the same American station right before Samantha Who?, I decided to watch both shows on the ABC channel.

The Rogers company, from whom I get my cable tv package, works in such a way that they always show the Canadian station feed of a show that is airing on both a Canadian and American channel simultaneously, so I knew that the feed of Dancing with the Stars was going to be the Canadian one from CTV, even though I was watching the show on the American ABC network. I figured that they would switch back to the ABC feed at 9:35 pm, when DwtS ended, so that Samantha Who? would start right at that point.

What I didn't take into account was the fact that Samantha Who? was airing on a different Canadian channel at 9:30 pm!! So when Rogers switched back to the American feed on ABC for Samantha Who?, they switched it to the *Canadian* feed, of course, which was already five minutes into the episode of Samantha Who?. I got to see it from the last line of the opening credits, where the teaser was already over and...well, suffice it to say that I wasn't happy. The first episode of Samantha Who? wasn't all that great, to be honest, so I won't be watching the series, but...that's not the point.

Because of the way Rogers handles the feed of a show that is airing on both an American and Canadian station at the same time, we, the consumers, are forced to watch the Canadian feed whether we want to or not, and the problem with the show mentioned above happens more often than we would like. I'll never know whether my enjoyment of Samantha Who's premiere episode was spoiled by what Rogers did with the feed, but the lesson here is that by keeping things Canadian, Rogers (and I assume the other cable package provider in the Ottawa area) doesn't allow us to watch what we want and all.

That said. the Dancing with the Stars episode was rather good, and I would not have missed it, since I'm rather hooked on the series.

Ain't TVland just great? :(

New Dinosaur Discovery

Finally, something that has happened to brighten my day.

Catching up on reading newspapers and the like, I read an article in the Ottawa Citizen about this. The Kansas City Star, among other papers, is running an article about the Newly uncovered dinosaur that is truly the "King of the Dinosaurs", even if it was only a plant eater. But it must have eaten one heck of a lot of plants!

Don't ya just love dinosaurs? :)