October 19th, 2007

Thank Goddess I'm a B5 (Meme)!

Saw this one last night courtesy of coffeeem, but couldn't get it to work right. With the help of spross, I can now post my results of the meme...

Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in with? (pics)
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You scored as Babylon 5 (Babylon 5)

The universe is erupting into war and your government picks the wrong side. How much worse could things get? It doesn’t matter, because no matter what you have your friends and you'll do the right thing. In the end that will be all that matters. Now if only the Psi Cops would leave you alone.

Babylon 5 (Babylon 5)


SG-1 (Stargate)


Serenity (Firefly)


Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)


FBI's X-Files Division (The X-Files)


Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)


Moya (Farscape)


Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)


Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica)


Enterprise D (Star Trek)


Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)


Heart of Gold (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)


I am very pleased at these results. :)

The Nearest Book (Meme) II

I haven't done this particular meme in over a year. So here it is again...

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

Guyal leaned forward, peered gingerly into the hood. "I fear I do not understand."

The Curator hopped forward impatiently. "It is an act of the utmost facility. Like this." He sat in the chair.

The book in question is Jack Vance's Tales of the Dying Earth, specifically the first novel contained therein, The Dying Earth, and the story "Guyal of Sfere".
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