October 27th, 2007

Autumn Walk

Today started off as a simply terrible day, dark and raining (and there were even signs of snow and ice on a neighbour's car here in the condo, which had me in shock as I drank my morning cup of coffee). Added to that, the new episode of Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century that was supposed to air on YTV here in Canada (shame on you guys! :( ) didn't air at all today. Must have been something to do with the Halloween stuff going on at this time of year and all that.

However, the rain stopped in the early afternoon for several hours, and turned into the kind of weather that I love to walk in - perfect Autumn weather, that was crisp and cool, with sun. I mean, who was I to argue with Mother Nature? So I dug out some walking shoes, put some rain slicker stuff over them (I can never remember what those things are called!!), and wore a comfortable hoodie, and set off.

What a joy, what a breath of fresh air, what breathtaking colours on the leaves on the trees, the squirrels out on their forays for food and in gathering mode, what wonderful stuff to see in the small woodland park that is near my home. And the Autumn sun, dappling the whole scene except for the clearings, and the clean-after-the-rain air. It gave me a chance to feel a part of Nature again, to embrace the Autumn sun and life. I feel renewed, I feel energetic, and now I'm going upstairs to make some home-made Chinese stir fry.

What could be better?