December 22nd, 2007

Tired and Fallen

I'm obviously up too early this Saturday morning, as for some reason I tried to put the pot for boiling the water with an egg in it in the microwave. Not a good play, self. Have to go out and take care of a few things later this morning, so needed to get up relatively early.
Really have to start going to bed earlier the night after gaming, and kick the gaming group out earlier than 2:00 am (just kidding, guys!).

Last night's Friday Film Noir Midnight Madness treat was Fallen Angel from 1946, with Alice Faye, Dana Andrews, and Linda Darnell. The group liked the movie, particularly Kathy and Joanne, who fell for leading man Dana Andrews in the role of the con artist who finds himself trapped between the temptress and the wholesome girl. No one saw the set-up for the murder coming, but they came to realise that the hero didn't do it. The fact that they thought that Pops, the old guy who owned the town diner, might have done it had me laughing for a good ten minutes.

Coffee's just about ready. More on the gaming session later.
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Friday Night Game Report - Desolation RPG Sessions 3 & 4

The Friday night gaming group met for the final session of gaming in 2007 last night. This is not to say that I won't be seeing SteveB and Kathy and Ellie again before the New Year, as we have been known to get together during Christmas and for a New Year's party. But running rpgs is now done for the current calendar year.

Last night's game was Desolation once more, as the gaming group wrapped up the scenario that they were playing, and things turned out quite well. They had wanted to start character generation for Unhallowed Metropolis, but I *still* don't have a copy of the game, dammit! :(

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In any event, last night's game of Desolation went rather well. To make things special, I started the game with the return of two NPCs, one friend and one enemy, from their past in a different (fantasy) rpg who had led them into intense trouble before. Needless to say, the players were shocked last night at the appearance of these two NPCs from "the past" in the new setting! Just nifty, cool, and their reactions were priceless. :)

The game will continue in the new year, when we resume the first Friday night in January. Assuming everyone has recovered from their New Year's hangover by then! :)