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Sunday Morning Stuff

A quiet Sunday morning.

Saturday was a pretty normal day, other than the freezing rain that had fallen through the morning, making going outside treacherous, and then the weather starting to warm up. It's went up to 30C (37.40F), and is going to hit 90C (480F) today! Had 25 mm. of rain yesterday, and it's supposed to bring more of that today. Talk about a very strange, very wet Christmas.

Needless to say, the entire grounds of the home complex where I live are icy, slippery, and nasty to walk on, and the guys who clean the complex haven't really salted the ground very well. My mom was over yesterday, late in the afternoon, and she was terrified to try and walk outside, even with her cane, given the icyness everywhere. Fortunately, spross was here during the late afternoon, and was able to help take mom back out to her car when she left. I still am not walking all that well on the bad toe, although I'm not using crutches any longer most of the time, but wasn't able to help her get out of house and down to the car. spross also helped me shift some of the gaming stuff around and all, and that was something I've been meaning to do for a couple of weeks, but just can't manage myself these days. I'll have to pay him back for that help somehow - perhaps making a bit of time and sitting him down to watch a film noir of some sort, since I know that he wants to watch my entire collection of those! And I don't have a lending library! :)

In the meantime, today being Sunday, the Sunday gaming group will be over this afternoon, and they will create their characters for the Hellas:Worlds of Sun and Stone roleplaying game. I figure that this will take them two days to create, given the...overthoughtfulness... on the part of one of my players, but perhaps they'll all surprise me and manage character creation relatively quickly. Should be interesting to see what sort of characters they come up with, and I'm really hoping they create a group of characters with stuff in common. That would make my running Hellas so much easier in the long run.

Anyway, time to get off the computer. Gotta clean up the breakfast dishes, shower, and take care of my toe before getting ready for lunch and all.
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