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RPGaDay in August - August 4th: What is Your Most Memorable NPC?

We continue on with #RPGaDay in August.



Day 4 - What is your most memorable NPC?

LOL! This one is easy.

Tafip Ho-Trid was a Thriddle inquistor in a multi-session story arc of the SkyRealms of Jorune RPG campaign that I ran back in 1985 and 1986. He was called in to investigate the player characters are a botched mission for their employer, to keep a set of eyes on them and make sure they were working for their employer's good. Needless to say, Tafip Ho-Trid drove the player characters absolutely nuts during the course of his extended run, but in the end proved the characters to be blameless in terms of the botched mission.
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