January 14th, 2008

Weekend Fun and Games

The weekend passed relatively uneventfully.

Friday night, the gaming group continued with "Herbquest" scenario in Desolation, but stopped early so they could create some sample characters for Unhallowed Metropolis, and do some sample combat to see what the game was like. They rather enjoyed themselves, creating a wide range of characters - a Doctor (Kathy), a former member of the Deathwatch (SteveB), a Dhampir (Nick), a Mourner (Joanne), a flashy Undertaker (Tom), and a Street Urchin (Ellie). Good stuff all, and the sample combats showed how lethal the game system is, especially with the Mourner decapitating the animates left, right, and centre. We didn't watch any film noir that night, and I went to bed happy, but exhausted. I woke up in the middle of the night with another attack, but it didn't seem too bad, but slept badly the rest of the night.

Saturday, I went out and did a bit of grocery shopping for milk, greens, and that sort of thing. spross came over in the afternoon and helped me dig out the Fvlminata rpg stuff, and then he took the time to create a Mourner character as a sample for the UnMet game. He said he rather liked the game mechanics of character generation.

Sunday, Tammy and spross came over for the usual gaming session, and did some wrap-up of the Hollow Earth Expedition sample combats that they had to do, and did up a pair of sample UnMet characters, an Aristocrat (SteveR) and a Criminal (Tammy). Had a good time, overall, and then after they left, I made a simple fish supper.

I caught the first episode or whatever of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and didn't like that at all. So don't have to worry about that in future.

And in other news, Exile Games has finally released the public version of Secrets of the Surface World, the excellent sourcebook for the Hollow Earth Expedition roleplaying game. Well worth it, with lots of cool stuff...so check it out in a store near you! :)

Anyway, off to get my echo cardiograph done this morning, and I see that it's snowing again here. Should make the drive to the Cardio Clinic lots of fun. Will drop another line here later.

Echo Cardiograms and Shepherd's Pie

Just got home from the outside. Another windy, snowy day in Ottawa, although not too chilly if you discount the windchill. The car performed well, and got me where I had to go, so can't complain.

I went and had my echo cardiogram. The procedure was supposed to take between twenty minutes and forty-five minutes, but I was out in about 25 minutes. While I didn't appreciate being hooked up to the ECG machine again (the patches have left red, circular welts on me again, dammit!), it was rather cool to be able to watch my own beating heart, without having my chest cut open! They have you lie on the left side to start with, so you are watching the entire process as it appears on the diagnostic device, and it was absolutely cool (except for the gel, that was cold!). One gets a real appreciation of life when one can see one's own heart beating in one's chest. I got to ask the technician a few questions about what I was seeing, but they don't discuss what they see per sé, other than answering when you ask, "Is that one of my heart values?", "Oh, is that my left atrium?", "What do the red and blue sussurations mean?" (they were blood flow in different directions from the heart), and so forth. This was so bizarre, given that I've recently been reading the rules for the Unhallowed Metropolis rpg, where they're currently talking about vivisection and all... Very, very cool, and very, very strange. Won't know the results of the tests for around three weeks. From there, I went to a nice little restaurant in Billings Bridge Plaza, and had the special of a salad and shepherd's pie. Good, warm lunch, and made me happy.

Went straight to my doctor's office from there. Had the appointment at 2:00 pm, and he saw me pretty quickly. We talked about stuff so far, he checked out a few thing (my blood pressure is pretty normal still), and from there, I went straight downtown to the office, and picked up the work laptop so I could catch up a bit on stuff before I go in for a regular day on Wednesday. Donna and the other folks were glad to see me again, and I stuck around for a bit before heading home.

Don't plan to do a lot of stuff this evening. HBO's Rome begins on History Television tonight, and so I'm rather looking forward to that.

Time to go upstairs and have a cup of tea, methinks. :)
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