January 26th, 2008

Friday Night Report

Gamed last night with the Friday night group, and had a good evening. The players are continuing the Desolation rpg campaign, and have probably one more session of this scenario to go.

I went to SteveB and Kathy's place to game last night, and when I run at their place, she always feeds me dinner. We had a wonderful whole wheat lasagna, with basil, oregano, and a dash of cumin that gave the dish some bite. I caught up with Steve and Kathy, indulged my goddaughter Ellie, and had a good night.

Normally we would have gamed very late, but we cut the game short at about three and three-quarters hours or so. SteveB looked haggard, not surprising after what he's been through lately, and I was tired myself due to my inability to sleep the night before and the fact that I had to take the Stress Test yesterday (you can read that journal entry, if you like), so we decided to break early.

I got home last night about 12:15 am, and had a cup of herbal tea while talking to spross, who had gotten home late last night from work. We chatted a bit and then i crawled into bed, where the herbal tea did its trick, and I was out like a light. I slept all the way through to around 9:00 am, something that I rarely do except when I'm sick or when I'm really exhausted. I've got welts on parts of my chest from the ECG pads yesterday, but that's par for the course. I made a simple egg and vegetables omelette to start the day, and absolutely revelled in a cup of decaf coffee (and the smell of the coffee, of course), since I'd had to forfeit that yesterday before the stress test. Sure, the coffee doesn't have any real kick to it, but the smell of it is just divine and gives me a psychological boost. :) Been taking care of some laundry this morning, and will do a bit of vegetable shopping for tonight, so I can make stir fried veggies with a steak for the evening meal.

Assuming spross is healthy enough tomorrow, he and Tammy will game as usual. Looking forward to a peaceful rest of the weekend, and will try and do some reading as well (not that I've not read a ton of stuff this month, but that's another post altogether at some point).