March 19th, 2008

At Work, No Ice

Just got into work about twenty minutes ago, and man is it crazy out there, weather-wise.

The drive in to work was not pleasant. It snowed, dropping a good 5 cms., last night, and then turned to ice pellets, and it was sleeting a bit as I came in to work. Cleaning off the car was not fun, as the snow had absorbed all the water, and it was a powdery kind of snow, but very heavy. My arm still hurts a bit.

Driving to work was just insane. The roads were extremely slippery in places where they weren't covered in a sort of slush/sludge, as the city hadn't really salted the place properly yet (too early in the morning to do so, I guess). There were at least six accidents that I spotted, but I made it in to work fine.

Off to have a cup of hot tea now before getting involved with the stuff waiting for me on my desk.
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Primeval Returns!

Last night, I caught the first episode of the second series of Primeval on the Space specialty tv station here in Canada.

Primeval is a marvelous series from Britain's ITV that follows a team of scientists who investigate anomalies in time and deal with the prehistoric and future creatures that travel through them. The first series of Primeval consisted of six one-hour episodes, and was quite superb, offering a plethora of interesting and dynamic concepts, and raising interesting questions as well that held the promise of additional series of the show to follow.

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Overall, I liked the episode for the most part, despite the niggling things, but felt that the series has made a serious mistake this early on introducing a whole "organised" element to the plot. I'm looking forward to the next few episodes of the series, but...

...I really do wish the DVDs were available for a Canadian market! :(
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