March 28th, 2008

The Return

As folks may have noticed, I have been absent for some time here.

There have been a variety of reasons for my absence here, not the least of which is time and the fact that I have a lot of stuff, rpg-wise, on my plate at the moment, and the fact that I still have to lead some sort of actual Real Life(tm) in and among all this.

As for the InsaneJournal account, well, suffice to say that it's been cancelled for now.

So... I'm back. :)

Did I miss anything? :)
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Dental Stuff Yesterday

Yesterday was one of those experiences that I always dread. The dentist.

Now, it was just a routine cleaning, mind you, but for me, the dental cleanings are a painful experience due to the fact that the medication for my diabetes has affected my teeth to some degree. So I went in expecting the worst.

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What pleased me more, however, was that this was the fourth or fifth time in a row that I've had no tooth decay or any cavities. Amazing how healthy the teeth can be if you don't eat sugar and the like and eat a lot of vegetables. Happy is the best way to describe how I felt after the dental appointment! :)
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Re-Start of the HEX PBeM Game

I am pleased to announce that I am re-starting up the Hollow Earth Expedition HEX: Tales of the Hollow Earth Play By e-Mail ({BeM) game over on Yahoo Groups. I'm hoping that some of the players who enjoyed the game last time I ran this are still interested and that they'll decide to play, so this is an invite to any other folks who might be interested in playing in the game. The URL for the game is at

For the record, please note that the Archives for the mailing list are viewable by the public, but that membership on the mailing list is for those who intend to play in the game. Needless to say, the HEX PBeM mailing list requires Moderator approval for joining, as per usual.

Hope to see some of you over there, and that the rest of the folks who come and take a look at the PBeM game comment on the game here in my blog or perhaps in a separate mailing list for such things, if there's enough of a demand.