April 26th, 2008

Books Away!

Today has been a day for the books.

spross came over after work today, and helped me take 8 (yep, I said eight!) boxes of science fiction and fantasy books to the my favourite used book dealer, The Book Bazaar. The gentleman who owns the store, John (yes, another one of us!), bought most of the old furniture and bookshelves when I closed up Basilisk Dreams Books back in 2004 (ohmygoddess, is that it that long already???), and I've been pretty pleased at the prices he gives me on second-hand sf and fantasy stuff, both hardcover and trade or paperback.

He bought a good chunk of the stuff I took in to him today with spross's help, although I won't know until Tuesday or Wednesday how much he'll give me for the books. Despite the condition of my leg (see previous blog entries on this), I helped Steve as best I could with the carrying and all, and after leaving there, he and I took the rest of the stuff to a Book Market (where they pay a pittance for books, regardless of condition), and dumped off what they didn't want at the local library. I know that Steve himself is hurting from his own injury last weekend, so I am really grateful to him for helping me out with this today. I figure at some point he'll suck my brains dry asking for information or help with something or whatever, but that's cool with me.

In any event, it cleaned out a bit of my storage cupboard full of books and made me a bit of money for GenCon Indy. So, there are some folks out there who will be getting some good reading in soon, either by buying the books I sold to the Book Bazaar and the Book Market, or the stuff that I donated to the library.

Off to make some dinner, but have no idea what I feel like eating.
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And the sight which met my eyes was that of a slender, girlish figure, similar in every detail to the earthly women of my past life. She did not see me at first, but just as she was disappearing through the portal of the building which was to be her prison she turned, and her eyes met mine. Her face was oval, and beautiful in the extreme, her every feature was finely chiselled and exquisite, her eyes large and lustrous and her head surmounted by a mass of coal black, waving hair, caught loosely into a strange yet becoming coiffure. Her skin was of a light reddish copper colour, against which the crimson glow of her cheeks and the ruby of her beautifully moulded lips shone with a strangely enhancing effect.

She was as destitute of clothes as the green Martians who accompanied her; indeed, save for her highly wrought ornaments she was entirely naked, nor could any apparel have enhanced the beauty of her perfect and symmetrical figure.

The above is the very first description of the incomparable Dejah Thoris, as seen through the eyes of earthman John Carter in Edgar Rice Burroughs's A Princess of Mars. It's an image that I absolutely adore, and that has stuck with me for oh these many years. In many ways, when I first read this book when I was nine or so, Dejah Thoris was the second woman (after my mom, of course!) I fell in love with. I have just finished re-reading the book for the first time in at least fifteen years or so...and I've got to say that this is one of my favourite moments in the book and one of the memorable descriptions that Burroughs engaged in when writing this book.

Incomparable indeed.