May 13th, 2008

Restless Night, Sunny Day

Didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Tossed and turned most of the night, and had a terrible headache that forced me to finally take a couple of Tylenol around 2:20 am. Had some very strange dreams about being chased by what I thought were Green Men of Thark1 through a landscape that reminded me a lot of a Yorkshire coastal region, you know, on one of these gloomy, slight rainy days with thunderclouds gathering. I actually spent several summers at a family relative's home in Yorkshire, and have vivid memories of those days.

Woke up when the alarm went off at 5:30 am, and felt...tired, unrested. I felt a bit better after breakfast (scrambled eggs with mushrooms and green onions), and the sun shining through the windows of my home made me feel better, too. Looks like it's going to be a glorious day. The drive to work was peaceful. Anyway, back to stuff here.

1 A kewpie doll to anyone who knows what the reference is here. :)
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    Heather Alexander - "Fresh Hops & Hemp"