May 20th, 2008

Foot Problem

For the last month or two, I have had a problem with my left pinkie toe nail. When I cut my toe nail about two months ago, I sort of butchered the nail a bit in the cutting. I showed it to the doctor back at the time, but he didn't think anything was wrong with it. Yesterday, after CanGames, I woke up and discovered that the entire top of the pinkie toe was bright red, and I've got some pain in the toe nail area. The nail itself is rough and not smooth exactly, but there's no oozing or anything like that. It hurts to walk on at the moment, and my shoes are hurting somewhat fierce, so I've taken them off for the moment. I attribute part of this to the fact that I walked a heck of a lot at CanGames this past weekend, but there's something else going on with this, too. It's got me a bit concerned, especially given the association between diabetes and foot problems.

Good thing I have doctors appointments at both the regular doctor and the Diabetes Clinic tomorrow.
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    Rick Wakeman - "Catherine Parr"

DW News

In some terrific Doctor Who related news, the BBC has announced that Steven Moffat will be taking over the reins of the television series.

Steven Moffat Takes Over on Doctor Who

Steven Moffat is a wonderful writer who is already know in Who circles for some of the best episodes, "The Doctor Dances", "The Girl in the Fireplace", and "Blink", but I adored him as the creator of the brilliant Coupling tv series (the original UK one, not the American remake). Moffat is an excellent writer, and like the producer of the remade Doctor Who series before him, he *gets* Who. I am a bit concerned that he will not be able to write as many episodes due to the fact that he's going to produce it, but that remains to be seen.

Great news! :)