July 2nd, 2008

What I Did For Canada Day

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day. Canada Day here in Ottawa was pleasant, somewhat warm, and had a nice early summer feel to it.

I woke up a bit early in the morning yesterday, considering it was a day off work, but there's nothing for that. Hadn't really planned much, although I thought I might go out and see some of the Canada Day festivities that were going on all around the Capital region.

I spoke to spross during the late morning, and we decided to go and see the early afternoon showing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Yes, folks, that's right... I had not seen the movie to this point. I had a hot dog and a bottle of water at the theatre at South Keys for lunch, and downed a partial small container of popcorn. As for the movie, well, I'm not going to spoil this for the folks who haven't seen it as yet, but I will say that it was a fun romp, good for an afternoon's entertainment, but was full of clichés, some cute one-liners, and had a climax that was over the top, and an ending that was exactly what I expected it to be. Visually the movie was stunning, but Harrison Ford looked his age in some of the sequences. Cate Blanchett was superb as the main villain of the piece, and Shia LeBoeuf (or however you pronounce his name) was as I expected him to be, a wanna-be James Dean to start, who matured and grew in the film. The biggest surprise to me was Ray Winstone, who may not look sleek and athletic as he did years ago in Robin of Sherwood, but who definitely has the acting chops still.

After spross dropped me off at home, I found there was a message on the answering machine from Kathy and SteveB, who said that they coming over with Ellie to snatch me up, and we were going out. Probably something to do with the whole previous journal entry, and the fact they knew I was still thinking about Stef yesterday. I had planned on doing some work on my gaming stuff for GenCon that I want to finish up, but those plans were laid aside, although I did remember to set the VCR up to record Hell's Kitchen.

We went to dinner at Swiss Chalet, and I had a good meal of chicken with a salad and baked potato. The four of us split a couple of slices of pie, and Ellie proved to be quite adept at measuring the pie out, 3/4 for her and 1/4 for me. :)

Steve then drove us over to Gatineau, specifically to Jacques Cartier Park, and the evening show that was going on thee. Performers were, as best as I can recall, Sylvain Cossette, Eagle & Hawk, Suzie McNeil, Jordan Croucher, and Swing. The music of Suzie McNeil needs no introduction here, as I've talked about her stuff before on my blog (and am not going to post the links back to the journal entries of 2006), and she was in fine form, but I was quite impressed with the stuff by Eagle & Hawk, a native Canadian act, and Swing, a neo-traditional band whose sound is techno music inspired by Québec folklore. Really interesting sound, although not really to my taste, per sé. Ellie was well-behaved, had a bit of junk food here and there, and seemed to like the music. We caught some of the fireworks over in Gatineau, while driving back (Ellie is not big on fireworks, and the little one was pretty exhausted by that time)

SteveB and Kathy dropped me off at my place a little after 11:30 pm, and then headed home themselves. I was pretty tired when I got into the house, somewhat footsore as well, but overall had a pretty nice day.

Goes to show there's nothing like spending a good day, whether it's Canada Day or not, with good friends or family. :)