July 7th, 2008

Back at Work

Monday morning.

Back at work.

Had a lovely weekend, and combined with the three-day work week last week, well... Will post about the weekend and stuff later today, but for now...

Monday morning. Back at work. A ton of stuff to take care of here today.

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The Weekend Report

Back from work. Long, hot, sticky day here in Ottawa.

The weekend was actually pretty good.

Friday night was a pleasant surprise, as the Friday gaming group decided their present to me was to give me the night off from running. Nick Roberts, one of the Friday night gamers, decided that he would run a game so that I could play on Friday night! It turned out that Nick ran Hollow Earth Expedition, since he felt that it would be cool for me to be able to play in the game that has given the Friday night gamers so much gaming enjoyment.

We got together at around 7:15 on Friday evening, and Nick had us create player characters. I created a character called Yancy Clarke, a photojournalist who aspires to bigger things, but who has a penchant for getting at the truth. The others created Kate Barr, a torch singer whose fiancée has gone missing (Kathy); Adam Handley, a slick con man with proof of some strange stuff going on (SteveB); Thomas Redfield, a big game hunter who suffered a terrible accident on his last hunt (Tom); and Wanda Rotherdam, a fiery secretary to the missing fiancée of Kate Barr, and somewhat knowledgeable about plants and animals (Joanne). A rather interesting, mishmash of a cast of characters, to say the least.

Nick had the scenario set up pretty well, as I started off investigating the disappearance of William Johnson, Kate Barr's missing fella, and the others were all drawn into the plot rather nicely. We fought a group of Nazi agents who were looking for something in Johnson's laboratory, and that led us to another scientist who had a remarkable story to tell us about missing dinosaur bones that had been sent to Johnson. Another attack by the Nazis resulted in two of the party being captured, and the game continued with us tracking down the Nazis to their lair, and then rescuing the two captives. This led to a cryptic clue, but we finished the session at that point. It was agreed that Nick would continue to run next week, since I really want to see where the plot is leading us, and the others are all gung-ho to continue next week. After stopping around 11:10 pm or so, we had coffee and tea with some cherry cheesecake before the Friday nighters headed off home.

Saturday dawned bright and slightly warm, but it wasn't too bad a day, only hitting about 260C. I spent much the day relaxing, had a late lunch, and then went out to do some long, quite needed, grocery shopping, and took some shoes and polo shirts back to the store, and picked up another couple of pairs of each. After getting home and unloading all the stuff, I proceeded to have a snack of cream cheese and a quarter pear, and then relaxed for the rest of the day and evening, reading a bit more of the tenth Myth Adventure book by Robert Asprin, and listening to some music by various favourite artists. Saturday's supper was pasta with meat sauce, and I had a bit of ice cream and fruit for dessert.

Since I didn't have the Sunday gaming group coming over, Sunday proved to be nice and leisurely. I didn't have plans for Sunday evening, but Kathy and SteveB called, and we went to the Ottawa Bluesfest for a bit of music. We went and caught Steve Marriner at the 7:30 show, and then went out and had a late supper at a Harvey's. Got home around 10:30 pm, and so had a pretty good day. Other than the heat while out at the concert and all, it was a pretty good day.