July 26th, 2008

HEX Game Session, Last Night

Friday night's game session was pretty nifty, as Nick continued the Hollow Earth Expedition scenario that he's been running for four weeks. I haven't posted about the game in a couple of weeks, but the last journal entry on the game can be found by following the link. That said, I thought folks might be interested in the last two sessions, including last night, so...

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Laptop News

My laptop died. Yes, my IBM Thinkpad 390 has died. I've had this laptop for around 10 years, and the laptop hasn't had a battery to make it really portable for a good four or five years. I've been running the laptop with OS/2 Warp on it since I first got it, as I don't use it for internet connections and the like - this is my writing computer, this is my setting up stuff for games, this is my laptop. The power cord and adaptor are fine, but the power jack is dead, and there's no way to be sure about the motherboard and all. That was the bad news.

When spross dropped off some stuff for me on the way to work, he took pity on me, and we went to several stores, notably Futureshop and a couple of places that specialize in second-hand computers and laptop repairs. I was advised not to bother replacing the laptop components, due to the cost on the parts, but lo and behold, at the second store we went in they had an IBM Thinkpad T21 which is about four years old, for a very reasonable price. That is the good news.

As you may know from my previous posts, money is tight right now, as I have this thing coming up called Gen Con Indy, but to be honest, I need the laptop as all of my fiction, writing, etc. is on that dead laptop drive - in short, my creative and part of my personal life! I think I have figured out a way to manage to pay for the laptop, and still keep the finances currently reasonable. We'll see, for sure... Plan to check out the T21 on-line, and see what else I can find out about it...

But how am I going to be able to survive the next few weeks without a laptop and no way to creatively write? *sigh*

Note: My mood reflects the fact that I'm more upset about not being able to creatively write on the computer for the next little while, than it is about the fact that I may be able to afford the new laptop in a few weeks.