September 17th, 2008

Another Desolation Report

Since I've been busy with all manner of stuff this past week, I hadn't gotten around to blogging about what happened in last Friday night's game of Desolation. Since I have been so remiss, I figure I should post this while I have a chance. You can catch up on the previous Friday's session in this journal entry.

Collapse )

That was where I ended up the game session for the night, and needless to say the players were left a bit frustrated. Anyway, that's the Desolation session from last week. Now, I'm off to the Diabetes Clinic for my check-up. Wish me luck. :)

I Hate Doctors

I've just gotten back from the Ottawa Diabetes Clinic, and I don't know whether to be happy, furious, or somewhere in between.

My doctor at the clinic told me that he's very happy to see all my numbers, from the a1c through the triglycerides and the cholesterol levels, looking good - but he changed the medications on me, taking me off the Lopid and putting me on a new medication (for me, anyways) called Lipitor! Naturally enough, this came just two weeks after I had to buy a refill on the Lopid, so now I'm out that money and need to pick up the new drug! Dammit!! Mind you, he did say that if the Lipitor doesn't do an effective enough job, that he might have me take both the Lipitor *and* the Lopid!!

What the hell is it with these doctors? The first time my a1c and my triglycerides and cholesterols are down to good levels in almost two years, and he takes me off one of the meds that contributed to this, that he prescribed for me only eight months ago!! Dammit! :(