October 21st, 2008

Happy Birthday, UKL!!

Today is the birthday of one of my favourite writers of all-time, Ursula K. Le Guin.

Many of us who read science fiction and fantasy were likely influenced by her early writings, such as the Earthsea trilogy, and the Hainish series (including The Left Hand of Darkness), and I am staggered by the sheer amount of material that she has written over the years and which I have in my possession. And honoured to own.

While I began with Asimov, Tolkien, and some of the other great writers who dominated the late 1950's (as my dad felt that I should read the sf and f that was written during the decade of my birth and before), it was the words and prose of Le Guin's writing that gave me my love of social science fiction, and introduced me to the social sciences in such a terrific fashion.

Happy Birthday, UKL!! May the Goddess bless you with health, happiness, prosperity, and the ability to keep us entertained with enjoyable, thought-provoking books and short stories for many years to come! :)

Dancing Comments

How the heck does she do it?? How the heck does Chloris Leachman manage to stay safe and progress every week in Dancing with the Stars?? What is it with America's voting and all??

The Results show episode of tonight was brilliant in a couple of other respects, notably the Brian Setzer Orchestra and the Macy's Stars of Ice stuff. Wonderful stuff!

Looking forward to seeing next week, but I really want to see Chloris Leachman get the boot.

Oh, and I know what I want for Christmas...Brooke Burke! :)

The Chess Mess Test

A bit of time on my hands this evening, so thought I would take this little quiz that I found...

Your result for The Chess Mess Test...

The King's Bishop

Congrats! Only 3-4% of the population score this!

To others, the King’s Bishop projects confidence. This can be mistaken for arrogance; but its source is easy to find. From an early age most of the King’s Bishops are specialized in their knowledge. When it comes to an area of expertise the King’s Bishop has several. They can know immediately if they can help you and how. They know what they know, but more importantly they know their limits.

This Bishop is a perfectionist. They will always attempt to improve upon anything of interest. They have an unusual independence of mind which frees them from authority, convention or sentiment. Anyone who is slacking will lose respect – and be made aware of this. The King’s Bishop can be secretive when making critical decisions. However they are even-handed and will recognize contributions others give.

This Bishop is highly ideal with their goals. They attempt to pursue high degree of quality in solutions and can be critical of ideas that compromise this quality. Because of their unwillingness to accept ‘good enough’ they can be unrealistic. They are at their best when they have time to think through a problem, at which point they may have a plan to solve the dilemma. The King's Bishop is an individual with a very analytical attitude. They are like the Queen's Rook, in that they prefer the ascetic quality of solitude. They are not as sociable as others, but are quite prepared to lead if they deem the current leadership as weak. They are thankfully pragmatic and logical individuals. They have very low tolerance for emotional rampaging or the spinning of 'truths'.

Check out my other tests!

Changeling Type | Mage Sorter

Take The Chess Mess Test at HelloQuizzy

So, for those who know me...whatcha think? :)
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Residing in Noir City...

Needless to say, I couldn't resist taking this meme when I saw it...

Your result for Noir Knowlege Trivia...

Resident of Noir City

Hardboiled Smarts

You live on the dark, wet streets of Noir City. You know every twist, turn and back alley. You might want to make break for it. The horizon's just ahead and it's got a name - Justice.

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HA!! They'll never take me alive, copper! :)
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