December 16th, 2008

The Week Story, and No Whale Tales (I Think)

Okay, well, I'm back...sort of.

This is a somewhat long post, so bear that in mind, and I'll be sure to put a cut or two in at some points.

Anyway, the story starts last Tuesday, that's the 9th, when I cracked my skull on the CD case. You can read the basics on that in this journal entry. I felt pretty miserable that day and the rest of the night, and felt pretty "off" for most of it, too. In retrospect, I should have gone to the doctor, at least, the hospital, at worst, as I have a mild concussion (but we'll get to that in a few minutes or so).

I woke up Wednesday morning, and felt fuzzy around the edges. I had planned to work that day from home anyway, so that was set, and things started off well. Around mid-afternoon, I finished up for the day, although my boss commented by phone that I was making errors that small typos that I'm not usually making.

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My mother, bless her, came over that evening and took a look at me, and called me "the walking wounded". She would probably have taken me to the hospitals, but I literally have a phobia about the place and react very badly in them1, so that didn't happen. She noticed that I was in some pain in my abdominal area, and that I had very little appetite. I just attributed that to the shocks of the past couple of days (or at least, she says that I did).

I don't really recall all that much about Thursday, Friday, and most of Saturday. Other than the fact that I had high fever around 1020F and 1030F, had no desire for food at all (which is very odd with me, because I am usually very sick when I don't want food at all)2. However, I had a few memory loss problems as well, on top of some of the other stuff. I don't remember how, but some time around 2:30 pm Sunday afternoon, my mom convinced me to get in the car, and I ended up in the Ottawa General Hospital for the pains I was having in my abdominal area.

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I woke up Monday feeling somewhat better, and then realised how bad it was. I got out of bed to go make breakfast, and suddenly realized that my left foot was hurting me terribly! I took off the sock, saw the bandaid, and couldn't figure out what I had done with my foot. Mom says that I was crying on the phone when I called her. She told me what had happened, and I realized it was a symptom of the concussion again. I took it relatively easy for all of the day, and had a full three meals with my regular meds.

In the meantime, today is Tuesday. Today, I went and saw the family doc, as I found out that mother had taken a copy of the report from the hospital to him on Monday, and he wanted to see me and look at my toe. Mom drove me over to see him at the office for noon. He expressed his own concerns about what happened to me last week, and confirmed that the toe was badly wounded and that he thinks I will lose the nail there; whether it will grow back is another matter. We stopped on the way back and she picked me up a pair of aluminium crutches so I can walk around on them. She took me back to the house, and after a bit of lunch (even though I'm still not hungry), I sit here typing and so forth.

I still don't feel "right", and my attention keeps wandering a bit, so it's taken me a bit more time than I would like to post this. There are a few other things I want to do today, but in the meantime I continue to have the abdominal pain.

Trying to stay off my foot as much as possible, but the crutches should help a lot in this regard. And tomorrow is the appointment at the Diabetes Clinic.

More from me as I feel up to it.

1This has to do with the fact that I was very sick with pneumonia once upon a time for three weeks in a hospital and had a very high, delirious fever, had my tonsils out when I was 35 (oh, the pain!..,but there was a very *hot* nurse that took care of me, and fed my ice cream with a spoon!), and a few other experiences in hospitals. I may have to blog about my feelings for hospitals at some point...

2The smell of it actually turned me off as I recall.