December 17th, 2008

State of JK

Woke up this morning feeling...I don't know, a bit better in some ways. The pain in my toe is still there, and the discomfort is still present in my abdominal area. I feel a bit more alert and all, but found that I had problems still concentrating on reading the newspaper. I'm finding that I'm somewhat fuzzy around the edges, if you know what I mean.

The weather outside is nasty, snowing somewhat heavily at times, with blowing snow as well. I'm not working the rest of the week, thank Goddess, but still have to go out today, as I have my appointment at the Diabetes Clinic.

Diabetes Update

The appointment I had with the the doctor at the Diabetes Clinic went as I expected it to.

I had IBS back before I came down with diabetes. Since the problem with my bowels started when I first went on Metformin four years ago and then stabilized, and since the problems became worse when I went on the Lipitor three months ago, common sense of course said that I should go off the Metformin. So that's what the doctor decided to do. And increased the dosage of Diamicron to compensate.

The only good news is that the blood tests showed the diabetes is pretty well controlled. Now that the meds are switching again, all that could change, of course.

Nothing more to say about this...other than: I suppose I can't blame SAD for all of this, huh?