December 18th, 2008

R.I.P. Majel Barrett Roddenberry

For those who have not heard the news...

Majel Roddenberry Dies Of Leukemia At Age 76

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, the widow of "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry, has died. She was 76. Apparently, family spokesman Sean Rossall says that she died of leukemia Thursday morning at her home in Los Angeles. Her son, Eugene, was at her side.

For those who don't know, Majel Roddenberry played Nurse Christine Chapel in the original 1960's TV series Star Trek, played Lwaxana Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation, was the voice of the computers in various other spin-offs of the show, and had smaller roles in many of its successors. In addition, she had a memorable role in an episode of Babylon 5, "Point of No Return", as Lady Morella, the psychic widow of the Centauri emperor; her role foreshadowed major plot elements in the series. She will also be voicing the computer in the upcoming Star Trek movie. After her husband's death in 1991, she continued to promote the "Star Trek" legacy at conventions. She also was the executive producer for two other, non-Trek series, Andromeda and Earth: Final Conflict.

I am very saddened by this loss, for though I had never met the lady herself, I had heard that she was gracious to work with, and kept the legacy of Star Trek after Gene had died.

R.I.P. Majel Barrett Roddenberry.