February 20th, 2009

A (Beaver)Tail President

One of the most interesting things about President Obama's visit to Ottawa yesterday was this...

Yes, that is the President of the United States making an unannounced stop and purchasing a beavertail, a type of pastry, while in the Byward Market, because he said that he always wanted to try one of them. Barack Obama is truly one of the people. And this is part of the human interest angle of the visit to Ottawa yesterday.

Oh, and here's a link to Beavertail Inc., makers of fine beavertail, for those who want more. :)
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Writer's Block: Adult Onset

Putting legal definitions aside, at what age do you think someone can really be considered an adult?

For the most part, I think a person should be considered an adult when they show the emotional and psychological maturity of an adult. I've seen 30-year-olds who act like kids, and I've seen 16-year-olds who act like responsible, mature adults.

I'll never tell where I fall into this mix, of course. :)
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