May 5th, 2009

The Writing of Tanith Lee

One of my favourite writers of speculative fiction over the decades that I've been reading this stuff is Tanith Lee. (You can also check out her website at this page.) She has written so many novels and short stories over the years that I am staggered at times at the sheer continued quality of her writings.

So I have to say that I have just started reading her novel Mortal Suns, and that the book is...brilliant. The writing is so crisp, the story so beguiling, the protagonist and her supporting cast of characters so beautifully delineated and written.

It's been a while since I read a Tanith Lee novel, and I had forgotten how wonderful and superb her writing really is.

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Missed the Nice Day

It is done! The SkyRealms of Jorune scenario that I will be running at CanGames this year is finished! The module itself is done, the various beasties and NPCs are done, and all is well with the world.

Unfortunately, this meant that after I got home from work today, rather than luxuriating a bit outside and getting some exercise done and just enjoying the lovely spring weather we've had today, I've been stuck in the house working on the computer getting this stuff done. :(

I now have computer headache, so the rest of the day will be spent doing other things...not on the computer.

That's all. I'm outta here.
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