May 6th, 2009

Spring in My Step

It's a beautiful spring morning here in Ottawa, the sun shining down on the world, plants sprouting, and my allergies starting to manifest again. Ah, well...what can you do? :)

Came in to work with my carpool gang around 7:15 am, and after parking the car in the garage, decided to take a ten-minute walk in the sunshine, and went over to the little park that is nearby. I felt so relaxed, so peaceful, so warm in the sunlight, and felt really good when I walked back to the office.

Ah, well, time to get down to the stack of paper on my desk, and have this nice cup of hot Chai tea.

It's a good day out there, folks! :)
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    Jethro Tull - "Velvet Green"

Inspirations for Scenarios

I've been thinking of a new idea for a scenario for the a|state rpg, and got some inspiration when someone posted this image on the abandonedplaces community ...a steel mill in Collegno, Italy. Perfect for what I had in mind! :)

There is also a fabulous photo of the Diewig cemetary in Brussels, and I may have to use that for something in Desolation, since a|state doesn't really have cemetaries (unless it's for the rich folks of The City. Hmmm... ::scribbling notes to self::