May 11th, 2009

Couldn't Sleep, Again

*sigh* Another sleepless night.

I woke up about 2:20 am for reasons that I can't fathom, and couldn't get back to sleep for over an hour. Now, I'm up again about twenty minutes before the alarm is going to go off, so I'm sitting here at the computer typing this post. *sigh*

My head is just whirling with stuff, related to getting through the work week, the stuff from the weekend gaming-wise, and the fact that CanGames is coming up the end of the week.

Ah well, going to be tired for much of the day, I suspect.
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Mom's Special Day

Well, the morning somewhat cool, only about 60C (about 420F), but it's supposed to warm up to the mid-teens, so it should be a comfortable day. If the sun comes out by lunch time, I hope to take a bit of a walk.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a pretty good day.

I called my mom around 9:30 am, and wished her a Happy Mother's Day. She told me that she got the flowers that I had sent over, and that she loved them. We chatted for a bit, and then I told her that she should just take the rest of the day and do whatever she wanted to do, and that I would be over to pick her up so that we could go out to dinner that night. She tends to run around on Sundays, taking care of stuff for herself and all, but I felt that she really needed to relax a bit. She asked me where I was taking her for dinner, but I said that would be a surprise. :)

The Sunday gaming group showed up to game, but I'll go into that separately in another post later. After the gang left around 6:00 pm, I called mom to see if she was ready to go out to dinner. I drove over to her place, and picked mom up, and then told her that since I knew she liked Italian food, I had booked a reservation (one has to book reservations for Mother's Day, after all!) at the very nice Ristorante Chianti downtown. Mom really enjoyed her meal, and we had a nice, quiet time eating good Italian food. It was a bit cool and rainy in the evening, so I took mom back to her place, and we had some tea and cake, before I left there around 10:00 pm or so.

By the time I got back to Casa Kahane that evening, I was pretty wiped out but had a bit of stuff to do before bed, so took care of that.
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Wanting to Scream

I think that if I have to read one more review or thoughts and comments about the new Star Trek movie, I shall scream (shocking my co-workers, of course.)
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Highlights of the Long Day

I have come home from an exhausting day of work.

I have spent two and a half hours putting the final touches to the Desolation rpg scenario for CanGames.

Then I spent an hour watching the seventh episode of the current series of Primeval (brilliant stuff, what they did in this one, for sure!).

My bleary eyed appearance from earlier today must make me positively look like a zombie (or worse) now.

And I still have Dancing With the Stars and Castle to look forward to this evening.

If I can stay awake that long this evening.

Right after supper, which I am going to make shortly. No idea what I am going to have for supper, though. We'll see what's in the fridge and the freezer.
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Castle Season Finale, No Spoilers

Just finished watching the season finale of Castle on the tube.

What a great episode of the series, and what a fabulous finish to the season, with a good cliffhanger ending. The characters of Kate Beckett and Rick Castle have gelled really well during the ten (is it really only 10 episodes?) run, and the supporting cast is fleshing out quite nicely, too.

According to a series of questions Nathan Fillion was asked, and several other sources on the internet, the chances of Castle's return for a second season is pretty good. I'm actually kind of pleased about this, as so far the writing has been top notch, the acting has been pretty competent, and the murder cases themselves have been interesting (with only a couple of really predictable ones). The real question is how they justify Castle's hanging around with Beckett and the other cops for the second season; after all, he's got to start writing the new series of books sooner rather than later, right? :)

All in all, a good episode of Castle and an interesting way to wrap up the first season of the series, even if it was only ten episodes.

I'm off to bed. 'Night all.
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