June 21st, 2009

Happy Birthday, Doc!

Today is doc_mystery's birthday!

Just want to wish you a Happy Birthday, mate! :)

May the Goddess bless you with good health, lots of happiness and good cheer, prosperity, and may you find all the Pulpish goodness that you like and deserve for the forthcoming year!

Have a good one, mate! :)
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Father's Day

Today is Father's Day.

My own dad died when I was pretty young (around 13 or so), so I can't really celebrate today, of course.

However, I want to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day, and to take the time to be with your father today if possible, and to at least talk to your dad today by phone if you can't be in the same house with your dad. Treasure the time and the moments that you have with your father, because for some of us, well...the memories are all that we have left.

My best wishes to all the Fathers out there.

Now be good to your dad today. That is all.

Getting Ready to Game

Just getting ready to do the Sunday gaming thing.

Since oni_neko can't make it out today, the plan is to do something other than the a|state game that I'm running.

So, we'll either play some board games, I'll run a demo of something (or maybe a playtest), or spross will run some rpg or other. Have to wait and see.

Will blog about this later today, and still have to post the Free RPG Day report as well.

Report on HEX on Free RPG Day

As promised earlier today, here is the report on my runnings of Hollow Earth Expedition for Free RPG Day.

Well, as folks know, yesterday was Free RPG Day for 2009. Once more, I have to report that I didn't just run the "Kidnapped in the Hollow Earth" scenario that was the free giveaway scenario for HEX this time around. Note this report was written last night, so it refers to the stuff that I ran as if it was the actual day.

Anyway, on to the report...

Collapse )

I talked to several other people during the course of the day about the game system and Free RPG Day in general, and everyone had a good time and virtually all of the HEX booklets for Free RPG Day were snapped up, except for one. I spent a pretty enjoyable day running a lot of HEX for folks who had never played the game and were interested in it on this unique day. I like to think that I may have encouraged a few people to pick up the game in future, but whether this bears any fruit is another matter.