July 15th, 2009

Having a Crap Day

Having a truly crap day.

The pile of paper on my desk at work just seems to get larger and larger, with no end in sight.

I just discovered that a bunch of non-work editing that I did about a year and a half ago was basically pointless and useless.

The credit card bill came for all those wonderful Fading Suns rulebooks that I recently purchased. I forgot about the conversion from US dollars to Canadian dollars. The Canadian dollar seems to be like me, worth crap.

I'm having a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night, and then spend very little time sleeping.

I am not getting any personal reading done, and have no real desire at the moment to read. Nor am I seemingly wanting to work on any of the roleplaying game stuff that I should be for the convention games that I have to get ready or for the rpg campaigns that I am about to start running again in August.

Do I feel any better for venting? Not really.
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    10cc - "Un Nuit a Paris"

Watched Primeval, Minus One

Just finished watching the penultimate episode of the Third Series of Primeval on Canada's own sci-fi station, Space, and am quite depressed that the series will be ending with next week's season finale, which just leaves you wanting more. I still don't understand why the idiotocracy at ITV decided to cancel the series over money issues and go with some of the crap they continue to make and show. Meh

Very, very down on life.

Gonna try and go to sleep now.