September 22nd, 2009

Back to School, Sort of

Just getting ready to leave the house for school. Yes, school, per sé, not work.

Today I start my language training course in Greek. As part of my work as a translator, I'm required and asked to learn new languages (and have to keep my hand in with the ones I already know), and for some reason, I've been asked to learn Greek.

I think I'm looking forward to this, but aren't really sure yet. Will post more about this when I get home today.
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Language Course Thought

Back from the first day of the Greek language course. Had to go to work in the afternoon for an hour or so. It was interesting getting my mindset back from the Greek to the French for the work that I'm currently doing.

I'm not sure how I feel about the language yet, but have to say that it promises to be interesting. The language is somewhat more complex than I had expected, but shouldn't have been surprised by this, as it's more about the basic rules. Learned the basic Greek alphabet and pronounciation of the letters, as well as several words (from my class notes).

Kalimera - Good morning. (Used both when coming to and going away from a place.)

Kalispera - Good afternoon. (Used only when coming to a place or meeting someone in the evening or at night.)

Kalinihta - Good night. (Used only as a goodbye greeting in the evening or at night.)

Herete - Hello. (Used between 10:00 and 14:00.)

Yassou - Hello or goodbye (greeting to one person or a friend).

Yassas - Hello or goodbye (greeting to more persons or a more formal and polite way to greet an unknown person).

So far, so good.

As they say, it's all Greek to me (for the moment at any rate).
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