October 1st, 2009

A Day in October...

A new month: October. In many ways, I'm looking forward to it. The NHL Hockey season begins today, even though the Ottawa Senators do not open play until Saturday evening in New York against the Rangers.

The gaming convention in Montreal, Draconis, is coming up the third weekend (16th-18th) of October, and I'll be running a good deal of Hollow Earth Expedition at that convention (see this blog post for the games I'll be running).

I continue to attend my Greek language courses for work every weekday morning, except Fridays, and that is coming along fine.

The bad news is that the severe pain in my right hip and down my leg is still...very bad. I am considering setting up an appointment with the doctor again. Add that to that that I have my regular, 3-month, appointment at the Diabetes Clinic. Not looking forward to this, Going to be a bad day. *sigh*
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Lunch and Diabetes Clinic Await

Greek language course is done for the day.

Heading back to the house for lunch, and will then go to the Diabetes Clinic for the appointment. The hip and leg pain is...excruciating. Woe is me.
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Doctors in the Afternoon...

Finally back home.

Went to the Diabetes Clinic to see the doctor there for my three-month appointment. The results weren't as bad as I expected, but things have changed somewhat. He increased my dosage of Diamicron by another 1/2 tablet to 100mg, and we talked about the very real possibility of insulin. Only time will tell. And my behaviour, my diet, and whether I can start to exercise again or not.

By the time I left the Diabetes Clinic, more like hobbling, the pain in my hip and leg was so bad that I decided to drop by the doctor's office and see if he could see me. Fortunately, he saw me within about 1/2 an hour, and decided to finally send me for an x-ray of the hip and leg. He told me that if those came back negative, we'd discuss the next step (I have an appointment with him again next week). In addition, he prescribed a strong version of Robaxacet that wouldn't cause problems and complications with my diabetes. I left there, dropped the prescription off at the pharmacy, and headed for the nearest place to get the x-rays done. I ended up sitting there for about an hour and change, but finally got the x-rays taken. Left there and went to get the prescription, and finally got home.

I took two Robaxcet specials about forty minutes ago, and the pain is somewhat better. Of coruse, I'm also a bit loopy now! But I feel better.
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PP Let Down

Well, that was a let-down.

Just finished watching the season premiere of Private Practice. Nothing happened in the episode that I didn't expect, although I did like the flashbacks to the founding of Oceanside Wellness. I'm glad that things resolved as they did, but have to say that the drama in this episode was a bit lacking other than on the medical side with Violet and the baby. Too much coinkydink as well.

Just a bit let-down by that.