October 26th, 2009

Saw the Doctor

Still feeling like crap. I hate not having a fever, since I know I'm feeling like crap, if you get what I mean.

Just got back from the doctor's office, and the good news is that he doesn't think it's flu. After listening to my chest, and going over the symptoms I've had, he's convinced it's a bad chest cold. He told me that he wants me to get both flu shots, the seasonal and the H1N1, when I'm over this bug. I just dropped off the prescription for Biaxin that he gave me.

I also stopped off at Chapters, where I picked up copies of Terry Pratchett's Unseen Academicals and Jack McDevitt's The Devil's Eye. The book that I wanted which they didn't have yet was the second book in the second series about the orcs, Orcs: Army of Shadows by Stan Nicholls.

Going to spend the rest of the day in relaxing and catching up on sleep. Well, other than having to pick up the prescription at the pharmacy. *Le sigh*

Tonight's Episode of Castle

Just watched tonight's episode of Castle.

Love this series, and am getting fonder and fonder of the acting of Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in the series. Tonight's episode was very good and very funny, and had an interesting case for Beckett and Castle to deal with, themed around Halloween, of course. I was especially fond of the Firefly moment at the beginning of the episode, and the Halloween party at the end.
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