February 27th, 2010

Gallifrey One

This weekend marks the arrival and pleasure of the latest incarnation of Gallifrey One, the biggest and brightest Doctor Who convention in North America.

I really, really wish I was able to be there. Aside from meeting some of the folks associated with Doctor Who over the years, it is a chance to mix with fannish elements of all sorts that share a love of Doctor Who in all its shapes and forms, to buy merchandise of all types related to the series, and to attend panels and the like with diverse and various subjects.

Alas, the financials burdens of the last little while prevent me from doing so...but I would like to wish all my friends and chums who are attending Gallifrey One this year a terrific time.

Hope everyone has a safe and terrific time at the convention, and that *someone* posts up a whack load of photos and the like. Please! And a convention report, of course! :)

Oh, and if you happen to see any William Hartnell or Patrick Troughton as the Doctor t-shirts, pick me up one! XL please! :)