March 10th, 2010

Day at the Office

Came in to work this morning, much against my better judgement.

The reasons are two-fold. First, I'm trying not to alienate or piss off my boss too much. Second, while I can work from home for the most part, there's just too many sources of information that I can't access from the house, so working from the office makes sense. What I may try to do is do two or three days a week at the office now.

The newly injured foot is hurting quite a bit, but I'm managing to walk on it. Don't like looking at it because of the sheer bruising all over the place, but such is life. In the meantime, life and other things go on. :)

The weather is, of course, beautiful outside. So naturally I am unable to go for walks and the like right now. *sigh*
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The DW: AiTaS Game Session for February 12th

Hullo, folks,

Here's the write-up for the Friday night gaming group's second session of "Spores". You can read the previous session's notes at the link.

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The players were quite happy with their efforts in this game session, and are rather enjoying the DW: AiTaS game and the way the mechanics work and how the game plays. Kathy told me that she finds the system much easier to play compared to the Ubiquity system so far, although she said that the game is obviously in its infancy in terms of some of the Traits and the like one can take, and looks forward to the game's evolution and development. Joanne is having the time of her life, and being relatively new to Doctor Who as a series, she's rather enjoying the game and the DVDs that they've been seeing after sessions. Speaking of which, the group watched the third and fourth parts of Robot, the first Tom Baker story, and are having fun doing these late-night Doctor Who thons.

Laundry RPG From C7


Thanks to mylescorcoran, I have just learned that Cubicle 7 will be doing an rpg based on Charles Stross' Laundry series of books:

Cubicle 7 Entertainment to publish roleplaying game based on Charles Stross’ Laundry Files novels

I adore the Laundry series of books, and have wanted to see a roleplaying game based on this stuff, so I am thrilled. The fact that Cubicle 7 is doing the game, based on the BRP system, is just tooo good a thing. What with the Doctor Who rpg, the new Lord of the Rings game that is in the works, and the Ubiquity-based Three Musketeers game that's in the works (thought it's not from C7, but rather from Triple Ace Games), this certainly sounds like it's going to be a great year for Cubicle 7. And a bad one for my pocket book, such as it is!

Looking forward to this, for sure. Can a game based on the Merchant Princes series be far behind? :)