March 12th, 2010

Decent Friday

Home finally from work today. Another long day at work, tempered only by the two mugs of hot Chai tea that I imbibed and the sun shining in the through the window, telling me, "It's beautiful! Take a walk outside on break!", that I couldn't do because of my feet problems.

Work today was all right. Must have been the weekend defusing all the negative feeling and emotion that was going on at the office, and things today were somewhat calm and relatively tranquil. I got in a solid day's work after showing up around 7:35 am, and caught up on a lot of the stuff on my desk. The current translation is going well, and I had time to catch up with a few of my co-workers on break.

Once home from the office, spoke to spross about a couple of things. He's been somewhat sick the last couple of weeks, ostensibly with a sinus infection that won't seem to go away, and he's still largely out of it from the blocked head. I seem to have stayed clear of it so far, knock on wood, but he sounds pretty tired and somewhat disconnected from the world at large for the most part. Add to that the fact that his folks came back from their vacation in Arizona early, and...well, I guess he's just not content with stuff right now.

In the meantime, I have to get ready for tonight's Friday night session of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg. The game is going really well to this point, and the players are enjoying it tremendously, and I'm rather looking forward to the game tonight. Then a bit of reading, as I want to finish up my February issue of Locus. I'm between books right now, but there's a couple of these that I want to read as well, so will likely try and start a new book sometime today as well.