April 16th, 2010

And So It Finally Arrives on Space...

Lunch time. Well, a late lunch at any rate.

Work on finishing the repairs here at the house continues apace. The guys say they'll be done in another hour or two, so this is good, as I'll have a chance to relax this evening before gaming. Yes, I'm gaming this evening, since I need to start the wrap-up to the playtests of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space scenario that I'm working on for CanGames.

Speaking of Doctor Who, the new series featuring Matt Smith premieres tomorrow night on Canada's Space channel, and I am so glad! I'm not one to watch the episodes of the series on the computer or laptop, as I really don't like watching tv or movies that way, so I've not seen any of the new Matt Smith episodes yet. Add to that I've been holding off reading all manner of posts about the episodes (soon to be three, after Saturday's airing of "Victory of the Daleks" in the UK), and I'm really looking forward to finally seeing the new stuff with Matt Smith. The wait is almost over, and then a ton of e-mail and various posts here on LJ and other places that I've been bookmarking for three weeks (!!) can be scanned, read, and checked out.

It'll be really great to finally catch up, even if only a little bit, as I'll still be two weeks behind the Brits.

Anyone, lunch calls.