April 17th, 2010

Friday Playtest of the DW: AiTaS Scenario

Last night's playtest of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg scenario for CanGames went rather better than I expected it to go.

The scenario itself was much easier to run, now that I have finished off converting the stats of all the Non-Player Characters from the homegrown system the module uses to the DW: AiTaS game system, and I found it a bit easier to run it and balance out all the little things that need to be balanced out in scenarios such as this. The players managed to wrap up the adventure in the four-hour time period that one has for this sort of thing, yet they still managed to deal with all the cultural aspects of the scenario, the interpersonal conflicts that this set of player characters have, the confrontations between the various religious factions, and the final conflict with the aliens of the scenario (whose identities I'm not giving away here!).

All of the players said that the scenario worked rather well, but suggested a few minor alterations to the adventure pacing itself, so I'll be introducing these pacing changes to the final two playtest runs that I do of the adventure over the next week or so.

To be honest, I'll be glad when the final playtesting of the scenario is wrapped up next Friday night, and am looking forward to getting back into campaign play of the stuff that I'm currently running game-wise.

In the meantime, time to spend a bit of time reading up on some of last night's NHL hockey playoff stuff.

Penguins Even the Series

I didn't get to watch the Ottawa Senators-Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game last night. There was this gaming playtest thing that I had to do, so hockey had to go to the wayside.

The Penguins won the game last night, beating the Senators 2-1 in front of their home crowd at the Igloo.

To be honest, I am not surprised at the outcome. I expected the score to be somewhat different. From what I've read and seen of the game footage, the Penguins came out jazzed and all last night, and played a much more physical game than they did on Wednesday night, and it showed in the final score. That said, they were able to match the Penguins hit for hit on the ice, and the game seems to have been much tighter than the shots on goal would indicate. Speaking of the shots on goal, the Penguins outshot the Sens 31-20. So it appears that Brian Elliott did a pretty good job in goal for Ottawa on this night, but just not good enough to win the game. At least they kept the score reasonable, and did a good job of keeping Malkin off the score sheet this time around. Now if they could only figure out a way to stop both Malkin *and* Crosby...

The series now changes venues, coming to Scotiabank Place here in Ottawa for the next two games. The Senators will likely put up a good struggle against the Penguins in the two games here in the nation's capital, and I'm hoping that they get at least a split between the two games. Who's going to take this series is anyone's guess right now.

A Pretty Good Saturday, So Far

Have had a pretty good day overall. Marred only a little bit by the rain that's been coming down here in Ottawa most of the day, spurting on and off, and the slightly chilly weather.

Decided to make some fresh bean and barley soup for lunch, and ate that with a cheese on toast sandwich. Yumm!

Managed to get in a bit of work on a gaming project that I'm working on that must remain nameless.

Called the local used bookstore, and he agreed to take another couple of relatively small boxes of books off my hands. I told him that I would try to bring them in during the afternoon.

spross showed up at the house around 1:45 or so, and I convinced him to help me take the books to the Book Bazaar (yes, now you know where all my used books are going and all!), so we packed up the second small box, and then took everything out to the car.

Since I needed to do some photocopying of gaming stuff for the Savage Mars game I plan to run sooner rather than later, spross and I stopped off first at Staples/Business Depot/whatever they're called these days, and took care of that. Character sheets, and one of the scenarios out of the book.

From there, went over to the Book Bazaar and dropped off the books with the owner, John Wyatt. Since there weren't that many books, he was able to go over them right then and there while I took a gander at some of the sf stuff that he has in the store. Nothing caught my eye, but I had hoped to find some of the Doctor Who novels, but had no luck. Got a bit of money, about $40, for the books, and then left there.

From there, spross and I trundled off to Fandom II, Ottawa's premier gaming and hobby shoppe. We had been there the weekend before to hand in the registration forms for CanGames, but had come in this weekend since one of my LJ friends, doc_mystery, was in town for a conference, and we'd agreed to meet up there around 4:15 pm or so. Looked around the store for a bit, took a gander at a copy of Savage Worlds: Explorer Edition (but didn't buy it as I'm waiting for a copy through the snail post), chatted with the store owner and keeper, looked at a few more games and stuff, and talked to a Doctor Who fan who caught my eye looking at the game.

doc_mystery came in around 4:30, apologising for being a bit tardy, and we chatted at the store for a bit. Since he told me that he had already been in Fandom II the day before, we didn't have to stick around any more, and we adjourned over to the Tim Horton's across the street. I had never met him before, although I've known doc_mystery for several years here on LiveJournal, and it was a nice change to meet up with another of my LJ friends. We chatted merrily for a good hour or so over coffee (tea in my case), spross putting in his thoughts from time to time, about myriad different subjects and topics (much of it having to do with roleplaying games and books and the like), and eventually parted when doc_mystery had to get back for the evening shindig (that's right, yes, B?). Before we left, doc_mystery snapped a couple of shots of spross and me by Steve's car, out in the rain, so I guess they'll be appearing on doc_mystery's blog sometime in the near future. It was a real pleasure meeting Brian, and he's a really great guy.

spross dropped me off at the house about an half an hour or so ago, and he headed out to do a quick bit of grocery shopping for supper, while I settled in at the house. In the meantime, supper is cooking so I had better go back and pay attention to that.

Looking forward to sitting down in the next hour and a half or so and finally get to watch the first episode of the new Doctor Who series with Matt Smith. After that, perhaps a relatively early night (for some reason of late, 10:30 is a relatively early night for me right now), or perhaps a bit more reading in my current book.

Oops, gotta go. Timer went off on the oven!
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